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White Gold

The story of a double-glazing showroom in Essex in 1983, led by charismatic salesman Vincent who is smart, handsome and cocksure, he will happily break the rules if it guarantees a sale.


About White Gold

The story of a double-glazing showroom in Essex in 1983, led by charismatic salesman Vincent who is smart, handsome and cocksure, he will happily break the rules if it guarantees a sale.

TV Show Information

Year of Release: 2017
Country: gb
Last Updated: Thursday 25 April, 2019
Minutes per Episode: 30
Genre: comedy
Rating: 7,2/10
Season(s): 2
Network: BBC Two
TV Show Status: returning series
Releasing Episodes: Wednesday on 22:00
Likes: 232

Episode Overview

Season: 1
Episode: 1 - Salesmen Are Like Vampires
Released: 24 May 2017
Description: Essex, 1983. Meet Vincent Swan, double-glazing salesman extraordinaire. Smart, handsome and cocksure, Vincent will stop at nothing to get a sale. His team at Cachet Windows include Fitzpatrick, a smarmy reprobate who can charm the life savings out of anyone, and Lavender, a failed musician whose crippling politeness and moral backbone have a habit of getting in the way of a sale. The two take a bet on whether Fitzpatrick can 'sell ice to the Eskimos' - in other words, sell new windows to someone he has recently sold new windows to. Meanwhile, Vincent's attempt to convince an old colleague to join the double-glazing business takes an unexpected turn.
Episode: 2 - Sexy Rollercoaster
Released: 31 May 2017
Description: When Vincent, Fitzpatrick and Lavender meet a group of men from a local publishing company, alpha male hackles are raised - not only do these men get an expense account, but they each have a company car. When Cachet boss Tony Walsh rejects Vincent's request to match these perks, Vincent starts to think that maybe he is in the wrong business. Meanwhile, in a bid to save face, Fitzpatrick puts faith in his comprehensive knowledge of Cachet's home turf - with potentially dangerous consequences. In the showroom, receptionist Carol tries to get to grips with the new office computer.
Episode: 3 - Close Encounters
Released: 07 June 2017
Description: When Vincent receives a visit from a tax inspector, pursuing him for unpaid tax, he decides that now would be a good time to get out of the showroom and spend more time with his family.
Episode: 4 - The Widow Maker
Released: 14 June 2017
Description: When Vincent and Lavender discover that Fitzpatrick is a CB radio enthusiast, they can’t resist going undercover to dupe him. Meanwhile, Vincent receives some unexpected but exciting news – he’s been nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year in the Essex Business Awards.
Episode: 5 - Smell the Weakness
Released: 21 June 2017
Description: Vincent’s life has taken a turn for the worse – kicked out of the family home, in debt to the Inland Revenue to the tune of £50k, and worst of all – he's lost his sales mojo. He's gently sliding into the abyss when absolution appears in the most dangerous of forms. Lavender, having his own career-crises, is drawn back to the world of rock and roll, and invites Sam along to a gig.
Episode: 6 - The Secret of Sales
Released: 28 June 2017
Description: In a bid to get back everything he’s lost – his marriage, his livelihood, his self-worth – Vincent concocts a spectacular plot to return to his rightful place.
Season: 2
Episode: 1 - Episode 1
Released: 06 March 2019
Description: It is 1985, 8 months have passed since Vincent teamed up with gangster Ronnie to force Walshy to sell Cachet Windows to them for a quid. But Vincent's mounting problems are about to be added to by a competitor stealing Cachet's business.
Episode: 2 - Episode 2
Released: 13 March 2019
Description: Vincent is forced to employ Ronnie’s inexperienced, dimwitted son Ronnie Junior, who proves to be a liability, further complicating Vincent’s efforts to keep the business afloat.
Episode: 3 - Episode 3
Released: 20 March 2019
Description: Vincent infiltrates the local Freemason brotherhood and uses the opportunity to drum up new business, leading to unexpected consequences.
Episode: 4 - Episode 4
Released: 27 March 2019
Description: With Jo now co-managing Cachet Windows, she uses her power to expose Lavender and Sam's past, gaining the upper hand over Vincent.
Episode: 5 - Episode 5
Released: 03 April 2019
Description: Vincent takes his family to Malta under the guise of a summer holiday, where he receives a lucrative job offer in time shares.
Episode: 6 - Episode 6
Released: 10 April 2019
Description: Ronnie is still missing and Ronnie Jr is in turmoil. Meanwhile, Vincent has to decide who to take to Spain with him - Sam and the kids or arch-rival Jo Scott.