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"Bring It!" shines a spotlight on the elite world of hip-hop majorette competitions. Coach Dianna Williams (aka "Miss D") and her Dancing Dolls troupe refuse to lose, pushing themselves to the limit each week in the relentless pursuit of victory. Every pump, thrust and high kick on "Bring It!" highlights the triumphs and struggles of intense competition, where errors aren't tolerated, mediocrity isn’t excused and only a win is acceptable.

About Bring It!

"Bring It!" shines a spotlight on the elite world of hip-hop majorette competitions. Coach Dianna Williams (aka "Miss D") and her Dancing Dolls troupe refuse to lose, pushing themselves to the limit each week in the relentless pursuit of victory. Every pump, thrust and high kick on "Bring It!" highlights the triumphs and struggles of intense competition, where errors aren't tolerated, mediocrity isn’t excused and only a win is acceptable.

TV Show Information

Year of Release: 2014
Country: us
Last Updated: Friday 22 March, 2019
Minutes per Episode: 45
Genre: reality
Rating: 8,5/10
Season(s): 5
Network: Lifetime (US)
TV Show Status: returning series
Releasing Episodes: Thursday on 21:00
Likes: 44

Episode Overview

Season: 1
Episode: 1 - You Better Bring It!
Released: 06 March 2014
Description: A hip-hop majorette troupe trains and competes. In the opener, the Dancing Dolls dance team prepare to go up against a fierce rival in Chattanooga, but head coach Dianna forbids some of the dancers from participating due to a disappointing rehearsal. Meanwhile, the team captain struggles with the added pressure of performing a solo.
Episode: 10 - Miss D Breaks It Down
Released: 08 May 2014
Description: Dianna shares secrets from Season 1 and offers a history of the hip-hop majorettes. Also: highlights from the season; insights from the moms and girls on the behind-the-scenes drama. Kim Coles is the host.
Episode: 11 - Best Of The Battles
Released: 15 May 2014
Description: The most memorable performances and defining moments from Season 1 are featured. New interviews and previously unseen footage provide fresh perspectives on Miss D., the dancers, their families and their rivalries.
Episode: 12 - So You Wanna Be A Doll?
Released: 24 July 2014
Description: In season 1.5, Miss D holds tryouts for veteran dolls and new hopefuls. New and old dancers descend on to the Dollhouse Dance Factory for tryout camp. Veteran doll Tamia challenges Camryn for the coveted head co-captain position. Will Sunjai tryout for the team?. Crystianna fights her nerves when she performs her first solo.
Episode: 13 - Prom or Competition?
Released: 31 July 2014
Description: With the Bay Area Battle looming, Miss D prepares the new members and stand battle squad for the competition. Sunjai has to decide to perform with her team or go to her high school prom.
Episode: 14 - A New Rival Emerges
Released: 07 August 2014
Description: A new cocky team from Miami, Florida challenges the Dancing Dolls to a stand battle. The Dancing Doll Parents are featured in a Beyoncé inspired number, but the tables turn when Sunjai's mom, Selena, finds herself at risk of getting cut from the routine.
Episode: 15 - Kayla's Big Surprise
Released: 14 August 2014
Description: The Dancing Dolls step outside their comfort zone and perform a lyrical dance routine. Kayla gets a surprise from her team that she will never forget for her high school prom.
Episode: 16 - Nashville Smackdown
Released: 21 August 2014
Description: The team travels to Nashville to battle their one of their biggest rivals, Ladies of Excellence. The moms create a plan to spy on Miss D, and plan a bake sale to fund their scheme. Kayla's decision makes Miss D and the Dolls call her leadership into question.
Episode: 17 - Baby Dolls vs. Baby Tigerettes
Released: 28 August 2014
Description: The moms and the Baby Dancing Dolls get the spotlight when the moms perform in creative dance with Kayla, Sunjai, and Camryn's dads, but Crystianna's aunt, Rittany, can't keep up with the choreography. Miss D gives the Baby Dancing Dolls tough love when they take on their biggest rival, the Baby Prancing Tigerettes.
Episode: 18 - Pray for Sunjai
Released: 04 September 2014
Description: When Sunjai struggles to make the stand battle squad, it sends Miss D's nerves in a spiral, prompting Kayla to come to the rescue. The Dancing Dolls defend their home turf against Virtuous Divine who have come to avenge a loss.
Episode: 19 - Dolls vs. Dollz: The Rematch
Released: 11 September 2014
Description: The Dancing Dolls and the Dynamic Diamond Dollz go at it once more to settle some unfinished business. Camryn's dream of becoming head-captain is in trouble when she misses a beat. An all-male dance team challenges the Dolls to a hip hop competition.
Episode: 2 - Battle in Memphis
Released: 13 March 2014
Description: The Dancing Dolls compete in Memphis against some of the best dance teams in the South. Rittany tires of Dianna's harsh teaching style and pulls Crystianna out of rehearsal; and a judging controversy leads to a riot.
Episode: 20 - Bucking for Revenge
Released: 18 September 2014
Description: The Dolls go back to Memphis to face the Dynamic Diamond Dollz after having to settle for a tie the week before, but first, they must contend with a wide range of competitors and the Baby Dancing Dolls are featured in the parade catagory. Meanwhile, the race to replace Kayla as captain next year heats up as Camryn and Tamia begin to bump heads for her position.
Episode: 21 - Chumps or Champions?
Released: 25 September 2014
Description: The competition season concludes with one final championship event. The Dancing Dolls are trying to avenge a loss to the Divas of Olive Branch at the "Battle Royale". Miss D also has a solo of her own to focus on and the Dolls prepare to face an unknown but very talented team who is in the way of their victory.
Episode: 22 - The DD4L Tour
Released: 02 October 2014
Description: The Dancing Dolls go on the road to different cities on a "Buck or Die" camp to teach children majorette dance styles. Kayla, Sunjai, Camryn, and Crystianna are soon pitted against each other for a special role in next year's competition season.
Episode: 3 - The Wig Is Off
Released: 20 March 2014
Description: The Dancing Dolls return to Memphis to avenge a loss and take on the Prancing Tigerettes. Meanwhile, Selena learns a hard lesson when she tries to bully Dianna; and Camryn gets to perform her first solo in competition.
Episode: 4 - Baby Doll Don't Mean Baby
Released: 27 March 2014
Description: The Dancing Dolls get their pint-sized counterparts, the Baby Dancing Dolls, to compete in their place so they can focus on developing a secret weapon to defeat their biggest rival, the Prancing Tigerettes. Meanwhile, Selena's bad behavior threatens her daughter's future on the team; and the squad members question Kayla's leadership as captain.
Episode: 5 - Sunjai In Stilettos
Released: 03 April 2014
Description: The Dancing Dolls go back to Memphis to compete against rivals the Prancing Tigerettes and the Divas of Olive Branch. Meanwhile, Sunjai earns a spot on the team's Michael Jackson-inspired number; and Kayla asks her dad to attend one of her performances.
Episode: 6 - Street Battle
Released: 10 April 2014
Description: A so-called street battle between the Dancing Dolls and rival Divas of Olive Branch gets out of control when tension on the dance floor sparks a clash between dancers and spectators. Meanwhile, Camryn leads the Dancing Dolls during a parade to show Miss Dianna that she has what it takes to be captain.
Episode: 7 - Shut Up and Dance
Released: 17 April 2014
Description: The Dancing Dolls defend their title of "The Best Dance Team in Jackson" in a hometown battle against local rivals the Purple Diamonds. Meanwhile, Mimi tries to convince Dianna to let the moms back into the dance studio during rehearsal due to the cold weather; and Sunjai competes in Stand Battle for the first time.
Episode: 8 - The Lock-In
Released: 24 April 2014
Description: Dianna calls for an all-night rehearsal when the Dancing Dolls struggle to master some difficult stands as they prepare to compete against the rival Dynamic Diamond Dollz in Memphis. Meanwhile, Sunjai shines in a burlesque routine.
Episode: 9 - The Finale: Battle Royale
Released: 01 May 2014
Description: Season 1 ends with the Dancing Dolls competing in a winner-take-all "Battle Royale." The dancers feel extra pressure to perform well when they learn that the judges are professional dancers and choreographers who may be looking to discover someone.
Season: 2
Episode: 1 - Miami Heat is Back
Released: 24 January 2015
Description: It's a brand new competition season and Miss D is determined to whip the Dancing Dolls into an unstoppable dance machine! Talented new rival, the YCDT Supastarz of Miami, FL, return to Jackson to prove their victory over the Dolls last season was more than just beginner's luck and Dianna creates an elaborate routine designed to mock their coach, Tracy. Meanwhile, new Dancing Doll parent, Tawantza, wastes no time before butting heads with Coach D after her daughter, Zatia, gets cut.
Episode: 10 - Don't Do It Neva
Released: 28 March 2015
Description: The beef between the Dancing Dolls and the Divas of Olive Branch reaches a whole new level when Miss D and Coach Neva decide to join their squads on the dance floor. Meanwhile, Miss D makes the risky decision to have Tamia lead stand battle in hopes the change will throw the Divas off their game and Crystianna attempts to make history as the youngest Dancing Doll to compete in the solo category, at only 12 years old.
Episode: 12 - Copycat
Released: 11 April 2015
Description: Coming off a surprising loss to Coach Quincy and the Baby Prancing Tigerettes in the Battle of the Babies, Miss D is out for retribution this week when the Big Dolls go head-to-head with the Tigerettes. Meanwhile, only one of Selena’s twin daughters manages to make cuts for the team’s 80's-inspired creative dance routine and Dianna accuses Quincy of stealing her choreography.
Episode: 13 - Road to Royale
Released: 18 April 2015
Description: Miss D and the Dancing Dolls finally get a chance to go toe-to-toe with their crosstown rival the Purple Diamonds after losing to them at the beginning of the season. Meanwhile, Miss D challenges head captain, Kayla, to take the reins and run practice as the team prepares for their high stakes rematch and Coach Traci from the YCDT Supastarz of Miami makes a surprise appearance at the competition.
Episode: 14 - Battle Royale 2015
Released: 25 April 2015
Description: Miss D and the Dancing Dolls face off against their three biggest rivals, Purple Diamonds, YCDT Supastarz of Miami and the Divas of Olive Branch, in the final and most anticipated competition of the season, the Battle Royale. Meanwhile, the girls get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to audition for a full scholarship to the prestigious dance program at DeSales University in Pennsylvania and Dianna surprises the team when she taps Dancing Doll parents, Tina and Mimi, to be the secret weapon for the week.
Episode: 15 - Rival Rehash
Released: 02 May 2015
Description: In this special episode of "Bring It!," exclusive uncut stand battles from this year’s Battle Royale, as well as a special extended version of this past season’s most explosive face-off with the Dolls’ arch nemesis, the Divas of Olive Branch, help provide a new perspective on the Dancing Dolls’ fiercest rivalries. The Baby Dancing Dolls growing competition is also explored in a never-before-seen stand battle versus a strong squad all the way from Cincinnati, Ohio, and the results of the Dancing Dolls’ recent auditions to receive scholarships to the DeSales University dance program are finally revealed.
Episode: 16 - A Whole New Doll Game
Released: 01 August 2015
Description: The summer season is here and things are heating up in the Dollhouse! Miss Dianna is shaking things up in the studio, throwing the team and the Dancing Doll Parents into frenzy. The Captain spot is up-for-grabs and Miss D announces that the top contenders must compete in weekly dance-offs to determine the Captain, making tensions run high. Meanwhile, Dianna's "favorite" rival coach Neva is back to compete along with a new team from the steaming South, the Xplosive Dance Company of Texas, which brings its army of dancers to battle the Dancing Dolls on the floor.
Episode: 17 - Dancing Dolls NOT for Life
Released: 08 August 2015
Description: The heat of the summer season reaches a boiling point when Tawantza's temper flares out-of-control. Will a confrontation with Dianna lead to Zatia and Tawantza getting the boot? Meanwhile, the Dancing Dolls take on their hometown rival, The Purple Diamonds, and Miss D has a secret weapon: Jalen, a former Purple Diamond! This reveal leads tension to run high as the girls and moms have to decide if Jalen and her mom, NaShumba are trustworthy--or if they are double agents working both teams.
Episode: 18 - Selena's Makeover Madness
Released: 15 August 2015
Description: Everything is on the line this week as Dianna decides to take a risk and put new dancers on the front lines against returning rival team, Infamous Dancerettes, who have been sharpening their skills and are ready to take on the Dolls. Will trying out a new captain backfire on Miss D? Meanwhile, Selena grows more agitated with Miss D's inability to tell her twins, Star and Sky, apart and decides to take matters into her own hands. Later, as Kayla prepares for prom, a very special surprise awaits her mom, Tina.
Episode: 19 - The Big Apple and the Bitter Apple
Released: 22 August 2015
Description: The Dancing Dolls are up against a heated rival this week, none other than Quincy and his Prancing Tigerettes. In order to up their game, Dianna surprises six lucky girls with a trip to New York City to work with famed choreographer Tanisha Scott, who will teach them new moves to improve their stands. The Moms are ecstatic, but when Selena learns that she's not going be a part of the trip, she is not happy. Will Selena be able to hold back her feelings or will she risk her position as a DDP at the competition when she comes face to face with Miss D?
Episode: 2 - Miss D Loses Her Cool
Released: 31 January 2015
Description: Tensions run high as the Dancing Dolls go head-to-head with archrival, the Divas of Olive Branch, for the very first time since losing to them in last season's Battle Royale. Miss D hires male choreographers to give her girls an aggressive edge in the Hip Hop Trio category while Selena and new mom, Tawantza, bond over their shared love of "being beautiful." Then, at competition, a verbal confrontation between Miss D and the Divas' Coach Neva leads one of them to make a surprising decision!
Episode: 20 - Saturday Night Fights
Released: 29 August 2015
Description: Coach D takes the Dancing Dolls out of their comfort zone and onto a football field for a spectacular Saturday Night Lights field show and stand battle competition. However, the girls struggle with learning their routines with a full marching band and severe weather looming, their efforts might be for nothing if the competition gets cancelled. Later, Dianna almost comes to blows when she faces her fiercest and loudest rival of the season.
Episode: 21 - Who You Callin' Cookie
Released: 05 September 2015
Description: New teams are traveling far and wide to take on the Dancing Dolls and Miss D is feeling the pressure. During practice, Dianna yells at the girls more than usual, forcing the DDP moms to take matters into their own hands and confront Miss D in an intervention to address her coaching style. Meanwhile, for first the first time in Dancing Dolls history, only three girls will compete in the stand battle.
Episode: 22 - Pom Pom Panic
Released: 12 September 2015
Description: Pom-poms are flying this week as Dianna coaches the girls through a Southern stand-off. New coaches stoop to all-time lows but Dianna must shake it off and stay on course for a grueling competition in three different categories. Meanwhile, we see a softer side of Miss D as she renews her wedding vows to husband, Robert.
Episode: 23 - Tick, Tick, Boom!
Released: 19 September 2015
Description: With the Summer Slam Dance Championship only week away, the girls feel extra pressure to show off their talents and prove to Miss D that they have what it takes to be captain of the team next season. Emotions are running high in the Dollhouse as Kayla and Sunjai graduate from High School. Meanwhile, the Xplosive team from Dallas is back and they're ready to prove that "bigger things come out of Texas."
Episode: 24 - Summer Slam
Released: 26 September 2015
Description: Season Finale
Episode: 3 - Hometown Showdown
Released: 07 February 2015
Description: The Dancing Dolls face off against fierce cross-town rival the Purple Diamonds for the very first time since a controversial competition last season. Dianna reveals a surprising secret weapon that tests the dancers like never before, and the Moms confront Miss D after a risky decision causes them to fear for the girls' safety.
Episode: 4 - Bucking in Bama
Released: 14 February 2015
Description: The Dancing Dolls head deep into uncharted territory when they attend a competition in Mobile, Alabama. Camryn takes the reins as Head Captain for the week and struggles as she attempts to lead stand battle for the very first time. Meanwhile, Rittany considers taking her niece to join a rival dance squad after she and Dianna clash over Crystianna cheerleading.
Episode: 5 - Selena's Triple Threat
Released: 21 February 2015
Description: Miss D and the girls prepare for a big battle in the Big Easy when a trash-talking old rival reemerges to challenge the Dancing Dolls in New Orleans, Louisiana. Meanwhile, Tina and Rittany rain on Selena's parade after her twin daughters, Star and Sky, make cuts for the pom-pom routine.
Episode: 6 - No Stopping Kayla
Released: 28 February 2015
Description: The Dancing Dolls head deep into enemy territory to challenge Mobile, Alabama's number one dance squad, the Diamondettes, on their own home turf. Meanwhile, Miss D confronts Kayla about her recent weight gain as she prepares for a high stakes solo performance and Star, Sky and ZaTia try their best to crush it in their very first Field Show.
Episode: 7 - Stamp Out Atlanta
Released: 07 March 2015
Description: After losing twice in a row to their hometown rivals, the Purple Diamonds, the pressure is on for the Dancing Dolls to take home a first place trophy this week, or risk losing their reputation as the best majorette dance squad in Jackson, MS. Meanwhile, Camryn struggles after Miss D taps her to represent the team in the solo category and Tawantza pressures her daughter ZaTia to step up her game after Dianna cuts her from creative dance yet again.
Episode: 8 - Traci's Revenge
Released: 14 March 2015
Description: Coach Traci and the YCDT Supastarz return to Mississippi looking for revenge after losing to Dianna and the Dolls the last time they battled. Meanwhile, Miss D steps up her game and creates one of the most elaborate routines she has ever choreographed, and Selena raises hell after Dianna cuts her twin daughters, Star and Sky.
Episode: 9 - Captain Down
Released: 21 March 2015
Description: The Dancing Dolls feel pressure to win a first-place trophy after losing twice to their hometown rivals. Meanwhile, Camryn struggles after Miss D taps her to represent the team in the solo category; and Tawantza pressures ZaTia to step up her game after she is again cut from creative dance.
Season: 3
Episode: 1 - Straight Outta Jackson
Released: 02 January 2016
Description: Coach D is determined to lead her Dolls to victory in this week's street battle against Compton; the new stand battle team is at odds with the veterans; a parent stirs things up in the viewing room.
Episode: 10 - 3 Strikes, You're Out
Released: 05 March 2016
Episode: 11 - Neva Gets Even
Released: 12 March 2016
Description: Neva crosses the line in Stand Battle this week; state testing forces Miss D to make a risky decision; Tina goes on the offensive when a new coach threatens to sideline Kayla.
Episode: 12 - They're Coming for Us!!
Released: 19 March 2016
Description: The Dancing Dolls must take on eight of their fiercest rivals to secure a spot in the Battle Royale; Camryn is pushed to her limits; Mimi is fired up over the new mothers' lack of support for their captain.
Episode: 13 - Face the Music! It's the Finale!
Released: 26 March 2016
Description: After losing the Battle Royale two years in a row, Dianna overloads her team with complicated choreography and ambitious stands that involve guest appearances from alumni.
Episode: 14 - Spilling the Tea Reunion Special
Released: 02 April 2016
Episode: 15 - Team Kayla vs. Team Dianna
Released: 23 July 2016
Description: For the first time in Dollhouse history, Coach D splits the Dancing Dolls into two teams for a fiercely competitive scrimmage match. It's David vs. Goliath, as Team Kayla goes against Team Dianna in an effort to get new dancers trained for the summer dance season. The heat is on, as each DDP must choose a side, for an all-out Doll battle.
Episode: 16 - The Return of Neva the Diva
Released: 30 July 2016
Episode: 2 - The Bucking Ballerina
Released: 09 January 2016
Description: Dianna struggles to get her new team into shape; Crystianna and Faith vie for a solo; Dana makes waves in the viewing room; Dana wants to give the mothers makeovers.
Episode: 3 - Hell Week
Released: 16 January 2016
Description: Coach D has a show-stopping idea, but the Dolls' participation is put at risk; and Dianna is forced to change her choreography at the last minute. Elsewhere, the Dancing Doll parents are near their wits' end after a new mom arrives.
Episode: 4 - Homecoming Hell
Released: 23 January 2016
Description: Dianna and the Dolls are busy preparing for a competition, homecoming parade and halftime show; and the DDPs and Baby Dolls participate in the team's field show. Later, Dianna throws a stand at the Divas of Olive Branch.
Episode: 5 - Rittany's Revolt
Released: 30 January 2016
Description: Rittany throws a wrench in Dianna's plan after hearing the team's participating in another parade. Later, Dianna forces Rittany to make a tough decision regarding Crystianna's participation in the parade and this week's competition.
Episode: 6 - The Wicked Witch of Jackson
Released: 06 February 2016
Episode: 7 - Bucking Bride
Released: 13 February 2016
Episode: 8 - Blow It Up
Released: 20 February 2016
Description: The Dolls rehearse for a pom-pom competition against their Texas rivals, Xplosive, and the new girls struggle to catch on. Meanwhile, Dianna cuts the Battle Royale soloist hopefuls down to six dancers; and Selena confronts Miss D about Sky's chances.
Episode: 9 - Flash Mob Madness
Released: 27 February 2016
Description: Dianna asks Kayla to help choreograph a hip-hop routine, but her controlling ways prevent Kayla from leading the team. Later, the parents get in an argument after Rittany blames the team's losing streak on Faith.
Season: 4
Episode: 1 - Miss D Reboots
Released: 14 January 2017
Episode: 10 - Revenge of the Robo-Dolls
Released: 18 March 2017
Description: The Dancing Dolls go up against arch rivals the Prancing Tigerettes. Later, Coach D bites off more than she can chew with a futuristic robot-creative routine and a new category called tag team.
Episode: 11 - Cookie Bites Back
Released: 25 March 2017
Description: The Dancing Dolls find out that Coach D swapped studios with Tyrus, the flamboyant coach of the Elite Stars. Later, he decides to bench Coach D's pros and take a chance on new blood.
Episode: 12 - La La Land
Released: 01 April 2017
Description: The Dolls take on Los Angeles for a grudge match against Compton; and one doll gets the opportunity of a lifetime, while the team learn Coach D's Smurf creative. Later, Demi Lovato surprises the girls.
Episode: 13 - Lemons to "Lemonade"?
Released: 08 April 2017
Description: When the Dancing Dolls are going up against their hometown rivals, the Purple Diamonds, Coach D makes a Beyoncé-inspired routine that will have the girls performing in a pool; Kayla second guesses her future after a bad audition in Los Angeles.
Episode: 14 - Battle for Broadway
Released: 15 April 2017
Description: The Broadway Dance Center comes to Jackson to pick one doll for their summer-intensive scholarship. Later, Kayla reinvigorates her passion for dance by taking the girls that aren't auditioning to perform in a no-rules, freestyle hip-hop competition.
Episode: 15 - Deliver Us From Neva
Released: 22 April 2017
Description: With Battle Royale looming, Coach D holds tryouts for a solo role that Rittany's gunning for Crystianna to get. Later, Coach D makes cuts to put together a battle squad, but first the Dolls must get through a battle against two of their biggest nemeses, Sharon and the Southern Royalettes and Neva and her Divas of Olive Branch.
Episode: 16 - Battle Royale: Up in Flames!
Released: 29 April 2017
Description: Dianna concocts a Willy Wonka-inspired creative routine for the Battle Royale. Meanwhile, Kayla struggles with her dance career outside the Dollhouse; and Rittany reaches a breaking point.
Episode: 17 - Crossing The Line
Released: 25 November 2017
Description: The DDPs get a rude awakening when they find out their antics have them permanently exiled from the viewing room; new faces cause a commotion in the Dollhouse; Chrystianna stirs up trouble in enemy territory.
Episode: 18 - Rumble in the Jungle
Released: 02 December 2017
Description: When a Dollhouse heavy-hitter gets injured, a new DDP tries to sweet-talk her way up the Dollhouse ladder; Rittany questions her decision to defect from the team; Dianna puts the heat on her new Baby Doll team, leading to a Baby Mama mutiny.
Episode: 19 - Hashtag Clapback
Released: 09 December 2017
Description: After defecting to Divas of Olive Branch, a regretful Rittany tries to woo Coach D into letting Crystianna back on the team; the Dancing Dolls prepare for an epic stand battle against Neva-the-Diva.
Episode: 2 - Diana Said Knock You Out!
Released: 20 January 2017
Episode: 20 - Battle for Oz
Released: 16 December 2017
Description: Performer Todrick Hall surprises the Dolls with an Oz-inspired choreography challenge that pits Dolls against Dolls; tears are shed and tempers flare as the competition heats up.
Episode: 21 - Secrets, Lies, and Slumber Parties
Released: 30 December 2017
Description: Dianna announces she will be taking only five Dancing Dolls to a national competition at the end of the season; Rittany and Dana plan to throw a slumber party that seconds as a dancing workshop, but not everyone is on the invite list.
Episode: 22 - Coach D Resigns
Released: 06 January 2018
Description: Coach D's frustration with the Dancing Dolls' lackluster attitudes results in her dramatic departure from the Dollhouse days before a major competition; Rittany decides to pursue an unconventional way to start a family.
Episode: 23 - Stand Battle Shake-Up
Released: 13 January 2018
Description: Dianna announces the mothers will be a mandatory part of Stand Battle, but only those who display the best "bucking" and "booty shaking" will survive the cut; jealousy ensues after some of the parents are rejected.
Episode: 24 - Doll Meets World
Released: 20 January 2018
Description: Dianna takes a big risk by placing untried girls at the forefront of an elaborate "around-the-world" creative routine; a reluctant Rittany goes on a blind date; Kayla is persuaded to visit Grambling State University for a 48-hour stay.
Episode: 25 - The Dolls' Last Chance
Released: 27 January 2018
Description: Coach D enlists celebrity choreographers to train, audition and select five girls for the national competition; Kayla's coaching dreams are on the line as she scrambles to prepare her newly formed dance team for their first hip-hop competition.
Episode: 26 - National Pressure
Released: 03 February 2018
Description: After months of intense training, Coach D and the Dancing Dolls head to Philadelphia for an epic competition with a multitude of dance genres; the pressure intensifies when the group learns they are the only team dancing majorette at the competition.
Episode: 3 - Coach D Meets Queen B
Released: 28 January 2017
Description: Coach D needs her Dancing Dolls to slay the competition after the results from the last competition. With a crash course in “New Orleans bounce,” can the dolls bounce back? Also some of the girls get an amazing opportunity to see Beyoncé in concert and the DDPs get a rare night out that’s a real drag!
Episode: 4 - Bringing It to the Big Apple
Released: 04 February 2017
Description: Coach D has a big surprise for the Dolls–twelve girls have been selected to go on a field trip to New York City! But this is no sightseeing vacation–the...
Episode: 5 - Torrey Takes Over
Released: 11 February 2017
Description: Dianna unexpectedly hires a new ballet coach, leading Tina to believe the new guy will replace Kayla. Later, Kayla searches for a studio to teach hip-hop classes; and the dancers struggle to master new lyrical skills in time for a freestyle competition.
Episode: 6 - Losing Faith
Released: 18 February 2017
Description: The Dolls perform with props; and Faith and Daija are assigned a ballet routine taught by Torrey. Later, Faith feels like she's missing out on a normal teenage life due to her busy schedule.
Episode: 7 - A Tale of Two Dollhouses
Released: 25 February 2017
Description: Dianna travels to Birmingham to prep her new dancers for a scrimmage against the Jackson, Miss., team. Later, Kayla rises to the challenge at home; and Torrey takes matters into his own hands at the Jackson studio.
Episode: 8 - Attack of the B Squad
Released: 04 March 2017
Description: Coach D adds a twist to a stand battle. Later, the Doll veterans are temporarily benched as a new B squad is thrown into battle; and tensions rise as one of Brandon's twins makes cuts, which leads Brandon to confront Miss D.
Episode: 9 - Black Ice Meltdown
Released: 11 March 2017
Description: Black Ice is back and Miss D is bringing the heat. Meanwhile, Crystianna and Makylah find themselves tested when they have to choreograph a routine for a co-captain's battle; and Rittany throws herself a roaring '20s-themed birthday bash that's chock full of surprises.
Season: 5
Episode: 1 - If You Can't Stand the Heat...
Released: 03 March 2018
Description: In the Season 5 opener, Coach D tries to find the Dancing Dolls' next captain. Also, a new dancer and DDP shakes up the team after moving from New York City to Jackson and introducing some high-maintenance demands.
Episode: 14 - No Boys Allowed?
Released: 18 January 2019
Description: Major changes hit the Dollhouse as Camryn steps down as captain; Coach D breaks her biggest rule, shaking the Dollhouse to its core; the wild experiment led by Coach D's new permanent assistant coach, Marquell, sends the team into complete chaos.
Episode: 15 - A Dollhouse Abandoned
Released: 25 January 2019
Description: The Dolls prepare for their first stand battle of the season with both boys and girls competing; when a betrayal like no other rattles the Dollhouse, the team is faced with their toughest decision yet: to battle or forfeit the competition.
Episode: 16 - So You Think You Can Choreograph?
Released: 01 February 2019
Description: Coach D gives four graduating vets a chance to choreograph a trio, and the winner's routine will represent the team in a national competition; the boys struggle to keep their heads above water.
Episode: 17 - Survival of the Fittest
Released: 08 February 2019
Description: Coach D prepares the team for a huge survivor-style elimination match, where heavy hitters can be picked off by the opposing teams; Jaylene battles personal demons that affect her performance; one of the vets suffers a debilitating injury.
Episode: 18 - A Boy, a Kiss, and a Choreographer
Released: 15 February 2019
Description: Coach D breaks the team into pairs of two, with the winning duo getting the opportunity to represent the Dancing Dolls at an elite competition; Coach D enlists celebrity choreographer Don Draico to train the boys from the ground up.
Episode: 19 - A Star Is Born
Released: 22 February 2019
Description: After Faith is invited to sing with girl group Pink Heart, Dianna lets Hollywood hotshots invade the Dollhouse to shoot the music video; the Dolls are excited to be in the video but must first go through a series of brutal cuts to get selected.
Episode: 2 - The Sister Showdown
Released: 10 March 2018
Description: The Dollhouse captain nominee stands off against her sister, who happens to be the captain of Jackson's hometown enemy, the Purple Diamonds; Selena deals with a double dilemma when she tries to make one twin follow her sister's path.
Episode: 20 - Breaking the Curse of the B-Squad
Released: 01 March 2019
Description: The B-Squad prepares for an epic Stand Battle including participation from the DDP and the boys; the Dollhouse quickly becomes a madhouse as the DDP fails to impress, the boys struggle with stands, and the B-Squad suffers from lack of confidence.
Episode: 21 - Dancing Doll Heist
Released: 08 March 2019
Description: While Coach D prepares the most heavy-hitting dancers for an elite national tour during hell week, Coach Marquell trains the new crop of Dolls for their first competition ever, alongside the B-squad, boys and babies.
Episode: 23 - Bring It Live! Detour
Released: 22 March 2019
Episode: 3 - Let's Talk About Texts, Baby
Released: 17 March 2018
Description: The Dancing Dolls prepare for a big school-spirit competition, but the practices get interrupted when a texting scandal rocks the team; Coach D's punishment for the Dolls involved puts several of the potential captains' futures on the line.
Episode: 4 - Rivals United for a Cause
Released: 24 March 2018
Description: Coach D organizes a showstopping competition to raise money for dance teams who lost their studios in Hurricane Harvey; tensions rise between two new DDPs who cannot seem to put aside their differences.
Episode: 5 - B-Squad Goals
Released: 31 March 2018
Description: Coach D puts the B-Squad on the front line for Stand Battle; the DDP consult a psychic who has an unsettling prediction about future Dollhouse shake-ups; Faith's father surprises her with a potential opportunity that could take her away from Jackson.
Episode: 6 - Banned 4 Life?
Released: 31 March 2018
Description: The three suspended potential captains must earn their way back into Coach D's good graces; an epic showdown unfolds between Coach D and a DDP when an important Dollhouse rule is broken; Faith and DDP Dana explore opportunities in Atlanta.