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Treehouse Masters

People who know and work with Pete Nelson describe him as a tree whisperer. For his part, Nelson lets the trees do the talking. He's a world-renowned treehouse designer and builder, and this series documents the work he and his team of craftsmen -- including his son Charlie -- do to create incredible homes and businesses in nature's canopy. Pete uses a combination of science and art to realize clients' sky-high aspirations of magnificent multibedroom treehouses with elaborate kitchens and bathrooms, or simpler, peaceful one-room escapes. Other backyard escapes featured in the series include a spa retreat, a brewery, and a honeymoon suite. ``We awaken that inner child who dreams of living among the trees,'' Pete says.


About Treehouse Masters

People who know and work with Pete Nelson describe him as a tree whisperer. For his part, Nelson lets the trees do the talking. He's a world-renowned treehouse designer and builder, and this series documents the work he and his team of craftsmen -- including his son Charlie -- do to create incredible homes and businesses in nature's canopy. Pete uses a combination of science and art to realize clients' sky-high aspirations of magnificent multibedroom treehouses with elaborate kitchens and bathrooms, or simpler, peaceful one-room escapes. Other backyard escapes featured in the series include a spa retreat, a brewery, and a honeymoon suite. ``We awaken that inner child who dreams of living among the trees,'' Pete says.

TV Show Information

Year of Release: 2013
Country: us
Last Updated: Tuesday 19 February, 2019
Minutes per Episode: 60
Genre: reality / documentary
Rating: 7,8/10
Season(s): 8
Network: Animal Planet
TV Show Status: returning series
Releasing Episodes: Friday on 21:00
Likes: 99

Episode Overview

Season: 3
Episode: 8 - Vincent Van Treehouse
Released: 26 July 2014
Description: A farm in Wisconsin is the setting for a two-story tree house that features two decks; a loft; a lounge; and an art studio that has storage space for paint and canvases, a slop sink for washing brushes, an easel, drafting tables and a sewing station.
Episode: 9 - Canopy Island Camp
Released: 02 August 2014
Description: Pete builds a treehouse that represents the meaning of summer camp, with a glamorous twist, just off the coast of WA. Pete gains inspiration to create a space that includes archery, a rock climbing wall, and enough bunk beds to sleep plenty of “glampers.”
Season: 4
Episode: 1 - Treetop Candy Kitchen
Released: 27 December 2014
Description: A 500 square-foot ski lodge treehouse with a stainless steel candy kitchen and wine bar, 11 feet in the air and among 14 camphor trees is the gift Santa Pete wants to give the candy and wine making Splinter family of Northern California.
Episode: 10 - Ultimate Giveaway - Treehouse Special
Released: 18 April 2015
Description: On this special episode Pete and the NTS crew build the “Ultimate Treehouse” for the lucky winner of the Ultimate Treehouse Giveaway.
Episode: 4 - Treehive Beehive
Released: 24 January 2015
Description: Pete and his team undertake a sticky challenge and reinvent the classic single-tree treehouse; constructing a magnificent and whimsical beehive-like structure soaring 30-feet high in a majestic Douglas fir.
Episode: 5 - Treehouse Masters International: Germany
Released: 31 January 2015
Description: Join Pete on an adventure in Germany with two renowned treehouse builders - Christopher Richter, a former student, and Andreas Wenning, one of the world's most celebrated treehouse architects - as they tour Deutschland and every treehouse they can find!
Episode: 6 - Kentucky Climber's Cottage
Released: 07 February 2015
Description: In Kentucky, Pete creates a treehouse with 17-foot-high ceilings and open-frame timber rafters, allowing a couple with a love of tree-climbing to harness up and dangle from both inside and out.
Episode: 7 - Lost in the Forest
Released: 14 February 2015
Description: A fun and zany behind the scenes look at the show with some of Pete's favorite, never-before-seen moments.
Episode: 8 - Sky High Pirate Hideout
Released: 21 February 2015
Description: Captain Pete and his band of scurvy scallywags prepare to hoist a 20-foot high build of treehouse treasure on the Pacific Coast, complete with a 50 ft rope bridge, heated floors and hidden compartments; it's a pirate's life for Pete, YO HO!
Episode: 9 - Triple Decker Record Setter
Released: 07 March 2015
Description: Pete heads to Louisiana to build his biggest treehouse ever; a record-breaking, 1200 sq ft, tree village features 3 separate levels and a 70 ft bridge that connects to a platform set in a trio of nearby trees.
Season: 5
Episode: 2 - High Noon Saloon
Released: 18 July 2015
Description: Pete gathers up the posse to build a Wild West-themed treehouse in North Bend, Washington; they build a horseshoe-shaped construct with a bedroom, county jail loft, and genuine copper ceiling set 15-feet high in a solitary Douglas Fir.
Episode: 3 - Mindbending Silver Maple
Released: 25 July 2015
Description: Pete finds inspiration in old tales to build a mesmerizing treehouse, with a curved turret that soars two stories high and a deck to take in the amazing sights, over the stems of a twisty silver maple on the shore of Lake Chelan.
Episode: 4 - Treehouse Masters International: Brazil
Released: 01 August 2015
Description: Meeting up with South American treehouse impresario Ricardo Brunelli in the heart of Brazil; treehouse travels from the city of Sao Paulo to the farmlands of Parana.
Episode: 5 - Twin Fix
Released: 08 August 2015
Description: Pete returns to two of his first builds to reconstruct, revamp, and revitalize a pair of treehouses in need of major makeovers. These fixes prove to be more than just a remodel job when Pete and his team give both treehouses a brand new life in the trees.
Episode: 6 - Sunrise Day Camp Clubhouse
Released: 22 August 2015
Description: A summer camp for kids with cancer on Long Island gets a clubhouse with a crow's nest and a peekaboo roof that encourages interaction with nature.
Episode: 7 - Magical Party Pad
Released: 29 August 2015
Description: Pete goes to Nebraska to build a tree house for a fun-loving family who enjoy music, writing and the occasional happy hour.
Episode: 8 - Workshop Edition
Released: 12 September 2015
Description: Pete and the crew join a group of young carpenters from Sawhorse Revolution, an organization that introduces carpentry to students with community service projects, to build a treehouse escape.
Episode: 9 - Home Tree Home
Released: 19 September 2015
Description: Inspired by South American treehouse maestro Richard Brunnelli, Pete builds a hexagonal live-in treehouse for a Treehouse Workshop graduate in coastal Oregon.
Season: 6
Episode: 1 - Merry Fishmas
Released: 19 December 2015
Description: Pete and his crew are tasked with building a nature center, 14 feet off the ground at 10,000-acre nature preserve, Dogwood Canyon in Lampe, Missouri, established by Bass Pro Shops founder Johnny Morris, for the company's upcoming Christmas party.
Episode: 2 - Texas-Sized Treehouse
Released: 16 January 2016
Description: Pete and the crew round-up the magnificent seven of cypresses alongside the Frio River and mosey on down to Leakey, Texas to build a gigantic, Texas-sized treehouse with the longest bridge in NT&S history.
Episode: 3 - Rustic English Re-tree-t
Released: 23 January 2016
Description: Pete and his team embark on a quest to an idyllic farm in Waxhaw, NC with orders to craft an elegant English retreat with a hanging bed fit for a queen. But one thing might stand in the way of Pete and his holy grail of pastoral treehouse builds...goats!
Episode: 4 - Treehouse Z
Released: 30 January 2016
Description: Pete connects with old friends in Canton, NC to build them Zen-like sanctuary in the trees. Battling a record-fast 9-day build window, the team stays calm in constructing a retreat 15-ft high with a picture perfect view of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Episode: 5 - View From Above 3
Released: 06 February 2016
Description: Pete and his crew reminisce about their adventures and answer questions from fans.
Episode: 6 - Apres Skihouse Treehouse
Released: 20 February 2016
Description: Pete builds ski lodge-style treehouse complete with an indoor-outdoor fireplace and a rooftop snowmaker for a ski-loving family.
Episode: 7 - Treehouse Takeover: The Roderick Experience
Released: 27 February 2016
Description: Pete hands the reins over to Roderick for the next build; a spiral staircase wrapped in branches, a hexagonal tower with elegant stained glass windows and a 360 degree observation platform.
Episode: 8 - Camo Treehouse
Released: 05 March 2016
Description: Adventurous Texas family, living on a 200-acre ranch, want a camouflaged treehouse that also serves as a guest house.
Episode: 9 - Magical Modern Treehouse
Released: 12 March 2016
Description: Busy film industry clients in Fayetteville, Ga. request a treehouse on their exuberant 63-acre plot of land, inspired by mid-century architecture and equipped with a zip line.
Season: 7
Episode: 1 - Bon-Appé-Treehouse
Released: 09 July 2016
Description: Surrounded by fields of red poppies and intertwined within a giant live oak, Pete creates a dining room tree house with a Provence countryside feel as part of a French restaurant.
Episode: 2 - Adventure Headquarters
Released: 16 July 2016
Description: Pete and the NTS gang embark on an epic quest to give a thrill-seeking couple the treehouse of their dreams -- an adventure headquarters in the sky sitting 16 feet high in 3 cedars with a wraparound deck that provides 360 degree of stunning views.
Episode: 3 - How 'Bout Them Apples
Released: 23 July 2016
Description: Pete constructs a tasting room, high above the apple orchards, for Walden, NY hard cider company Angry Orchard.
Episode: 4 - Frank Lloyd Lakehouse
Released: 30 July 2016
Description: Pete builds a triple-decker treehouse with a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and more, inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, on the shores of Kentucky's Lake Barkley
Episode: 5 - Treehouse Point 2.0!
Released: 27 August 2016
Description: Pete's son Charlie oversees the latest project, which happens to be a live-in Washington resort and spa, home base for himself on 23 acres of forest.
Episode: 6 - Swiss Family Surprise
Released: 03 September 2016
Description: Pete heads to Michigan to help a husband surprise his wife with a Swiss Family Robinson inspired treehouse for their anniversary! Far more advanced than its castaway motivation, the treehouse uses steel beams to hold tons of modern amenities.
Episode: 7 - Ultimate Treehouses V
Released: 10 September 2016
Description: Pete explores tree houses worldwide that tap into one's inner spirits; a manta-ray-shaped tree house within a Thai jungle; a spirit-soothing retreat hidden in Australia's wilderness.
Episode: 8 - Zac Brown's Space Crab
Released: 17 September 2016
Description: Pete builds a half spaceship, half horseshoe crab, zinc-wrapped treehouse at state-of-the-art kids camp, Camp Southern Ground, at the request of country music superstar Zac Brown.
Season: 8
Episode: 5 - The Owl Treehouse
Released: 28 January 2017
Description: Pete pushes his design skills to create an owl-inspired tree house library in Charlotte, N.C.; evoking the face of the bird and using all sorts of curves, including rounded walls and semi-circle bookcases, the crew builds a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.
Episode: 6 - Surprise Makeover Edition
Released: 04 February 2017
Description: Pete surprises two lucky winners to receive complete, top-to-bottom, $20,000 renovations of their existing tree houses, giving old, rundown childhood structures much needed repairs, remodels and complete makeovers.
Season: 9
Episode: 1 - A Treehouse Fit for a Viking
Released: 05 August 2017
Description: Pete takes on his first international tree house in Norway; working alongside a local builder named Frode, the one-of-a-kind, 24-foot-high retreat accommodates eight and allows for stunning views of the nearby lake.
Episode: 2 - Hill Country Hideout
Released: 05 August 2017
Description: Pete and his gang ride out to the Lone Star State to build a double-decker hideout in Texas Hill Country; Pete creates rustic perfection in six live oak trees with a saloon-style first floor for sippin' sarsaparilla and a glass floor for views below.
Episode: 3 - Glamorous Glamping Retreat
Released: 12 August 2017
Description: The NTS team leave their tents behind and head to New Jersey to build a campers' retreat for an outdoor-loving couple; with a screened-in porch, floating barbecue deck and cozy hanging bed, this Adirondack style tree-cabin puts glamping in the trees.
Episode: 4 - Thrill 'n' Chill Treehouse
Released: 19 August 2017
Description: Pete descends upon western Washington to make a tree house for action and relaxation; with a 55-foot-long bouncy-bridge entryway into a 20-foot-high structure and a zip line that travels through the forest, this tree house generates non-stop thrills.
Episode: 5 - Jeffersonian Honeymoon Suite
Released: 26 August 2017
Description: Pete and his team descend upon Virginia for the first time to bring the tree house revolution to Bella Rose Plantation; drawing on the architectural innovations of Thomas Jefferson, Pete designs a luxurious two-story tree house with colonial columns.
Episode: 6 - The Bird Barn Treehouse
Released: 02 September 2017
Description: Two retirees get a retreat on their 100-acre Wisconsin farm; Pete builds a barnlike birdhouse with three separate pods -- an art studio, an office and a lounge -- complete with a screened-in porch and a deck overlooking their stable of alpacas.
Episode: 7 - City Sleeker Treehouse
Released: 09 September 2017
Description: Pete is back in Texas to build a sophisticated, sleek-and-chic treehouse in the heart of Dallas; Daryl and the NTS team put treehouse engineering to the ultimate test at Washington State University, proving down-to-the-pound the power of the TAB.
Episode: 8 - Grace VanderWaal's Got Treehouse
Released: 16 September 2017
Description: When asked in 2016 what she would do with her winnings, ``America's Got Talent'' Season 11 winner Grace Vanderwaal said she wanted a tree house built by Pete Nelson; the 13-year-old singer-songwriter's wish comes true.
Episode: 9 - Alaskan Mountain Treehouse
Released: 23 September 2017
Description: Pete travels to Alaska to build a mountaineering lodge in the shadow of North America's highest peak; constructing an A-Framed masterpiece for the Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge with breathtaking views of Denali.
Season: 10
Season: 11
Episode: 1 - Hawaiian Island Treehouse Adventure
Released: 18 August 2018
Description: Pete journeys to Kauai to build a sky-wave treehouse for a couple who ditched the mainland for a laid-back lifestyle and transforms a bohemian treehouse for two former professional surfers into a masterpiece with a crow's nest 60 feet off the ground.
Episode: 10 - Climb-In Drive-In
Released: 20 October 2018
Description: Pete tackles the first climb-in movie theater; concessions are served to seating pods through a pulley system and loungers elevate into the trees to give perfect views of the big screen; a tree house for monkeys at the Los Angeles Zoo.
Episode: 11 - Ultimate Treehouses VI
Released: 20 October 2018
Description: Treehouse designer Pete Nelson and his team turn clients' sky-high dreams into incredible realities.
Episode: 2 - Hot Tub Rumpus Room
Released: 25 August 2018
Description: Pete's fun-loving friend is the lucky recipient of a treehouse built strictly for good times; the team builds a dream of a treehouse complete with a wine bar, a loft, and their first-ever hot tub in the woods of Western Washington.
Episode: 3 - Never Too Old for a Treehouse
Released: 01 September 2018
Description: Dreams are coming to life in Oregon as Pete builds for Marlene, an 81-year-old woman who is finally getting one of her greatest wishes fulfilled: a treehouse; Marlene is giddy with excitement for this new adventure.
Episode: 4 - Antonio Brown's Steel City Skybox
Released: 08 September 2018
Description: Pete makes a tree house touchdown in Pittsburgh for Antonio Brown, wide receiver for the Steelers. Pete is building a luxury skybox with a two-story window wall that overlooks a custom basketball court and football field.
Episode: 5 - Super Spy Treehouse
Released: 15 September 2018
Description: Pete heads to Alabama's Appalachia to build a super spy treehouse; he pulls out all the stops to make the client's espionage-themed dreams come true; gadgets, hidden passageways, secret rooms and more.
Episode: 6 - View from Above IV
Released: 22 September 2018
Description: Taking a look back at builds from the past is always a joy for Pete and the carpenters of NT&S. Pete and a few crew members gather around the campfire to poke fun at one another about the shenanigans they shared when building high up in the trees!
Episode: 7 - Lifted Lodge Treehouse
Released: 29 September 2018
Description: The NTS crew travels to an alpaca farm to build a lodge in the trees inspired by National Parks; they create a structure to take in the mountain views with a 50 foot long cable bridge entrance and a deck devoted entirely to hammock lounging.
Episode: 8 - Semper Fi in the Sky
Released: 29 September 2018
Description: Pete answers the call of duty to build a tree house in Pennsylvania that focuses on the children of Marines; cargo netting off the deck provides an exciting way to enter, while even more nets inside form a bridge to access a private loft space.
Episode: 9 - A Treehouse Production
Released: 13 October 2018
Description: A friend of Pete's has the treehouse bug and decides to open a treehouse B&B; the classic A-Frame structure will have all the amenities and a waterfall that pours from the wraparound deck to the pond below.