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Hosted by Ted Allen, Chopped is a high energy, fast paced cooking competition that challenges four up-and-coming chefs to turn a selection of everyday ingredients into an extraordinary three-course meal. After each course, a contestant gets "chopped" by our panel of esteemed culinary luminaries until the last man or woman left standing claims victory.


About Chopped

Hosted by Ted Allen, Chopped is a high energy, fast paced cooking competition that challenges four up-and-coming chefs to turn a selection of everyday ingredients into an extraordinary three-course meal. After each course, a contestant gets "chopped" by our panel of esteemed culinary luminaries until the last man or woman left standing claims victory.

TV Show Information

Year of Release: 2009
Country: us
Last Updated: Thursday 13 June, 2019
Minutes per Episode: 45
Genre: reality / game-show
Rating: 7,7/10
Season(s): 12
Network: Food Network
TV Show Status: returning series
Releasing Episodes: Tuesday on 21:00
Likes: 241

Episode Overview

Season: 3
Episode: 12 - Against the Tide
Released: 03 March 2010
Description: The chefs must combine fish with chocolate in the appetizer round. Then, a trendy root vegetable shows up in the entrée round and violet mustard is used to make desserts.
Episode: 7 - Flower Power
Released: 06 January 2010
Description: The chefs must incorporate zucchini blossoms into their appetizers; burdock root into their entrées; and chickpeas into their desserts.
Episode: 9 - Winging It
Released: 20 January 2010
Description: The chefs must work with chicken wings in the appetizer round; catfish in the entrée round; and cherry tomatoes in the dessert round.
Season: 4
Episode: 8 - Quahog Quandaries and Pickle Puzzles
Released: 09 June 2010
Description: The two remaining chefs take the intensity level in the kitchen up a notch.
Season: 5
Episode: 1 - Dream'n of Redeem'n
Released: 21 July 2010
Description: Past runners-up return in a quest to redeem themselves. They must use a pungent English condiment in their appetizers; cookies and fish in their entrées; and blueberry jelly beans in their desserts.
Episode: 2 - Wok This Way
Released: 28 July 2010
Description: The chefs must incorporate trout and white chocolate in their appetizers; whole coconuts in entrées; and two Japanese ingredients in their desserts..
Season: 6
Episode: 10 - All-Stars Tournament: Part 4
Released: 28 March 2011
Description: Part 4 of 5. The "Chopped" judges compete for charity. Featured ingredients include smoked fish; strawberry powder; and a labor-intensive protein.
Episode: 11 - All-Stars Tournament: Grand Finale!
Released: 04 April 2011
Description: Conclusion. The final round of the All-Stars Tournament finds four celebrity chefs cooking with offal, a tangy fruit and trail mix in a quest to win $50,000 for their favorite charity.
Episode: 12 - Chefs on a Mission
Released: 27 April 2011
Description: Rivals face off! Four solid competitors from rival cities enthusiastically jump into the first round. But will they be able to settle on a firm idea of what to do with firm tofu and recover from some absentminded mistakes? Then one chef shows incredible speed moving around the kitchen, and a sugary surprise in the entrée basket poses a creative challenge. And once the finalists open up the dessert baskets, they make it their mission to make delicious mission fig dishes and to make the judges decision very difficult.
Episode: 3 - Marrowly We Roll Along
Released: 19 January 2011
Description: Marrow bones and a frozen ingredient show up in the mystery basket.
Episode: 7 - All-Stars Tournament: Part 1
Released: 07 March 2011
Description: Part 1 of 5. Fan favorites from "Next Food Network Star" begin competing for charity. Mystery ingredients include pound cake; calf's liver; an unusually bitter vegetable; and a small game bird.
Episode: 8 - All-Stars Tournament: Part 2
Released: 14 March 2011
Description: Part 2 of 5. Four popular Food Network personalities compete for charity. They must used teething biscuits in their appetizers; a kid's breakfast favorite in their entrées; and jelly beans and baby fennel in their desserts.
Episode: 9 - All-Stars Tournament: Part 3
Released: 21 March 2011
Description: Part 3 of 5. Four acclaimed chefs compete for charity. They must use fresh pasta sheets in their appetizers; big fish and little crackers in their entrées; and a Chinese spice in their desserts.
Season: 7
Episode: 1 - The Icing on the Steak
Released: 04 May 2011
Description: Ready? Go! Confidence abounds in the first round when four determined chefs try to get a leg up on the competition through their smoked turkey leg dishes. Then when the chefs are challenged to use beef and chocolate frosting in the entrée round, one competitor makes a big splash, but not intentionally. And after the two finalists present battling banana desserts, it is up to the judges to decide which chef will not survive the third chop.
Episode: 10 - Nopales, No Problem
Released: 06 July 2011
Description: Cooking with Cacti! The chefs must stay sharp as they carefully navigate a first basket that includes prickly nopales; and in talking about the texture of the food, the judges must consider the slime factor. Then in the entrée round, a colorful Chinese ingredient and a less popular pork product make for an intense challenge. Finally, in the last round when things suddenly go all wrong for one of the competitors, the judges watch breathlessly to see if the chocolate dessert can be salvaged.
Episode: 3 - Saying Sayonara
Released: 18 May 2011
Description: Ah, shucks! Oysters in the first basket cause some problems, leading up to an emotional ending to the round. Then the competitors gain momentum in the entrée round when they're challenged to work with two Japanese ingredients. And the judges have to say sayonara to one last chef, after tasting the finalists' passionately prepared passion fruit desserts.
Episode: 6 - Get It Together!
Released: 08 June 2011
Description: With canned fruit and a seafood delicacy in the appetizer basket, the chefs have to get it together fast, to get a cohesive dish made. Then in the entrée round, when the chefs set out to make snapper dishes in a snap, two of the competitors run out of time to do exactly what they planned. Will it hurt their chances? Then, after two very driven finalists tackle the dessert round, the judges face a difficult choice.
Episode: 7 - Bite Your Pickled Beef Tongue
Released: 15 June 2011
Description: With tongue in the first basket, the chefs attempt to lick their competition. Sadly, proper cleaning technique, creativity, and the 20-minute timeframe pose problems. Then in a highly competitive second round, the chefs must take a colorful vegetable and a lean meat and make hearty main dishes. And when the two finalists move on to the dessert round, the judges are on pins and needles, wondering which chef will edge ahead.
Episode: 9 - Thyme Flies
Released: 29 June 2011
Description: Double trouble! With two proteins in the appetizer basket, the chefs struggle to marry flavors, and the judges caution competitors against cooking to please instead of cooking from their hearts. Then as the clock ticks down on the entrée round, the chaos in the kitchen ramps up. Will the chefs be able to get out of the woods in time to make their hen-of-the-woods mushroom dishes delicious? Then with cookie dough in the final basket, it seems like the chefs have a head start with dessert. The judges wonder if the competitors will take advantage of the opportunity to create some exceptional dessert surprise.
Season: 8
Episode: 8 - Give It Your All
Released: 16 November 2011
Description: It's Thanksgiving in the Chopped kitchen and four chefs are giving it all they have. Things start off on a sweet note, with maple syrup in the appetizer basket. Then when the chefs get an ingredient in the entrée round that is more popular as a decoration than as a food, will they be able to make the beautiful, edible? And after cooking with some traditional turkey day favorites in the last round, the two finalists hope the judges will want to gobble, gobble up their desserts.
Episode: 9 - Can't Catch Me, I'm the Gingerbread Lobster!
Released: 07 December 2011
Description: It's holiday time on Chopped! The competitors are challenged to stay in the spirit of the season throughout the meal. In the appetizer round the chefs, not-so-gingerly, take down some gingerbread houses. And adrenaline runs so high that one chef does not realize that something has gone very wrong with his dish until it is too late. Then in the entrée round, a prized piece of meat and a beautiful vegetable have the makings of a great main dish, but a sweet surprise in the basket may present "ye old yuletide" pitfall for the chefs. And when the finalists find an often-disparaged holiday classic in the dessert basket, who will be able to elevate the ingredient and be on their merry way with $10,000?
Season: 9
Episode: 1 - Champions' Tournament: Part 1
Released: 31 August 2011
Description: Welcome back, champs! Four Chopped heroes return to action to see who can go up against the very best and win again. But this time, time becomes a very big challenge in the first round. Then with the sting of the judges' harsh criticisms fresh on their minds, the competitors face stinging nettles and antelope in the entrée round. And in the decisive last round, it is clear that both chefs are craving a chance to move on to the finale, but only one will prevail once the judges taste the pie crust desserts.
Episode: 2 - Champions' Tournament: Part 2
Released: 07 September 2011
Description: Four returning winners fight for a spot in the $50,000 grand finale competition. In the first round a pre-made breakfast food prevents some of the competitors from being as creative as they should, and presentation flaws plague the champs. The remaining competitors are left trying to figure out what to do with an expensive fish and an unusual snack food in the entrée round. And the two champs who move on to the dessert round have to do their best with a dough that they don't know well.
Episode: 3 - Champions' Tournament: Part 3
Released: 15 September 2011
Description: With only two spots remaining in the $50,000 Chopped Champions Grand Finale competition, four champs attempt to elbow their way to victory. In the appetizer round, the chefs are unsure how to treat a pretty fruit and a succulent seafood product. Whose choices will leave the judges impressed? Then the champs try to balance out the flavors of a great big fish and a little cookie in the entrée round. And with two champs left champing at the bit to cook dessert, the judges wonder if either one can turn duck fat and guava paste into sweet perfection.
Episode: 4 - Champions' Tournament: Part 4
Released: 22 September 2011
Description: Four returning winners fight for the last remaining spot in the Chopped Champions Grand Finale! The heat is on when the chefs discover hot cross buns and a shocking meat in the appetizer basket. Then in the entrée round, will anyone make a wreck of the wreck fish? And the last two chefs must make delectable desserts using a box of something familiar plus a can of something sweet.
Episode: 5 - Champions' Tournament: Grand Finale
Released: 28 September 2011
Description: This is it! The $50,000 Chopped Champions Grand Finale! Only one two-time champ can become a "three-peater" and claim the prize. The chefs think they've caught a break when they find catfish in the first basket, but will the cherry soda sink them? Then in the entrée round, the chefs face a little pig, as they fight for the big money. And the ingredients in the dessert basket seem surprisingly simple. But as the two remaining champs push themselves to make a dish to clinch the win, they take some risky chances.
Episode: 7 - Everything's Rosy
Released: 12 October 2011
Description: A seafood surprise in the mystery basket plus four distinct cooking styles keep things lively in the appetizer round. And things take a rosy turn in the entrée round, with edible flowers in the basket. But when one chef attempts to create something very special using the flowers, will he get it on the plates in time? Then both finalists jump into crisis mode when things go wrong in the dessert round.
Episode: 9 - One in a Hundred
Released: 02 November 2011
Description: The first round has the competitors combining a sweet bread and a scrumptious melon. And the chefs tell the judges about their very different reasons for wanting to win. Then in the entrée round, not used to working with almonds in their unripened, fuzzy form, the remaining chefs struggle to make that mystery ingredient tasty, while also filleting and cooking fish. And after dealing with French donut dough in the dessert round, it will be "au revoir" for one finalist.
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Episode: 3 - Best Halloween Ever
Released: 04 October 2016
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Episode: 12 -
Released: 01 January 1970
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Released: 01 January 1970
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Season: 40
Episode: 1 - Thankful Siblings
Released: 14 November 2018
Episode: 10 - Game On!
Released: 30 January 2019
Episode: 11 - Three Cheers for Chocolate!
Released: 06 February 2019
Episode: 12 -
Released: 01 January 1970
Episode: 13 -
Released: 01 January 1970
Episode: 2 - Thanksgiving Pie, Oh My!
Released: 21 November 2018
Episode: 3 - Holly Jolly Grandmas
Released: 05 December 2018
Episode: 4 - Ultimate Redemption
Released: 12 December 2018
Episode: 5 - Breakfast Battle
Released: 19 December 2018
Episode: 6 - Bar Fight
Released: 02 January 2018
Episode: 7 - Nourish and Flourish
Released: 09 January 2018
Episode: 8 - Deadly Catch
Released: 16 January 2019
Episode: 9 - It's a Sibling Thing
Released: 23 January 2019
Season: 41
Episode: 1 - Wonton Wonder
Released: 13 February 2019
Description: Ingredients: Appetizer: scallions, water chestnuts, wonton wrappers, hot dog éclairs Entrée: pheasant, green tomatoes, tepache liqueur, trash can nachos Dessert: moon grapes, apricot paste, bagel chips, pickle cupcakes Judges: Geoffrey Zakarian Maneet Chauhan Chris Santos
Episode: 13 - Brunch Brilliance
Released: 08 May 2019
Description: The chefs set out to wow the judges with brunch meals that wake their palates. A classic brunch combination-turned ice cream flavor makes for a challenging first basket. A unique take on eggs keeps the brunch theme front-and-center in the entree round. The two chefs remaining in the dessert round then get to find out what goes into boozy cereal.
Episode: 2 - Chicken Challenge
Released: 20 February 2019
Description: Ingredients: Appetizer: escarole. egg drop soup, dumpling mix, confit black chicken Entrée: poussin, shakshuka, pea tendrils, whipped cream vodka Dessert: chicken fried rice, cream-filled chocolate eggs, dried apricots, chili oil Judges: Chris Santos Amanda Freitag Stephanie Izard
Episode: 3 - Beer and Brats
Released: 27 February 2019
Description: Ingredients: Appetizer: Thuringian bratwurst, beer cheese dip, beer potato chips, baby leeks Entrée: smoked bratwurst, rutabaga, beer flight, zwiebelkuchen Dessert: cake brats, Bavarian cream, beer caramel, gooseberries Judges: Chris Santos Alex Guarnaschelli Hans Röckenwagner
Episode: 4 - Meat Your Match
Released: 06 March 2019
Description: Ingredients: Appetizer: ambrosia salad, dandelion greens, charcuterie cone, beef short loin Entrée: Moroccan mint tea, fresh chickpeas, pâté en croûte, lamb shoulder Dessert: Asian pears, steamed buns, 'nduja, pork leg Judges: Alex Guarnaschelli Marc Murphy Kari Underly
Episode: 6 - Pizza Poetry
Released: 20 March 2019
Description: Ingredients: Appetizer: mac & cheese, escarole, New York-style dough, pig's head Entrée: oxtail, cola slushie, banana blossoms in brine, Detroit-style dough Dessert: dulce de leche, preserved green olives, mini chocolate bars. Neopolitan-style dough Judges: Chris Santos Alex Guarnaschelli Geoffrey Zakarian Contestants:
Episode: 7 - Dollar Dishes
Released: 27 March 2019
Description: Ingredients: Appetizer: frozen taquitos, dozen eggs, frozen corn, home grown basil Entrée: beef tripe stew, chicken legs, broccoli, instant mashed potatoes Dessert: blueberry muffin mix, cream cheese, carrots, white wine ice cubes Judges: Scott Conant Alex Guarnaschelli Tiffani Faison
Season: 42
Episode: 2 - Bacon, Burgers, and Beer!
Released: 22 May 2019
Description: In what may be the best Chopped competition theme ever, the chefs' baskets are packed with bacon, burgers and beer! In the bacon appetizer round, the competitors go in some inventive directions with their dishes, including pizza and poutine. Round two is an adrenaline-packed burger battle that has the chefs working with a fun take on onion rings. And the alliterative theme comes to its boozy conclusion in the dessert round, with beer boldly represented in the baskets.
Episode: 3 - Dill Dilemma
Released: 29 May 2019
Description: The first basket challenges the chefs to come up with a yummy solution to a dill pickle-flavored treat; a Midwestern casserole in the entree basket; a chef's injury puts their Gjetost cheese dessert in jeopardy.
Episode: 4 - Just Add Cheese!
Released: 05 June 2019
Description: Comfort food connoisseurs and gourmands alike know that any dish can benefit from a slice, a melt or a sprinkling of cheese! In this special competition, every basket is filled with cheesy yumminess including an unusual take on a Philadelphia classic in the first round. The chefs must work with a crunchy cringe-worthy surprise in addition to a fancy Spanish cheese in the entree round. And a cheese-tastic tower is one of the building blocks for the finalists' desserts.
Episode: 5 - Team Ice Cream
Released: 12 June 2019
Description: Four chefs set out to prove that ice cream can work well in two savory courses; a scoop sandwiched in the middle of an indulgent ingredient in the first basket; a unique ice cream flavor at the center of an unusual dish in the second basket.