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Deadliest Catch

Forty-foot waves, 700 pound crab pots, freezing temperatures and your mortality staring you in the face…it's all in a day's work for these modern day prospectors. During each episode we will watch crews race to meet their quota and make it home safely.


About Deadliest Catch

Forty-foot waves, 700 pound crab pots, freezing temperatures and your mortality staring you in the face…it's all in a day's work for these modern day prospectors. During each episode we will watch crews race to meet their quota and make it home safely.

TV Show Information

Year of Release: 2005
Country: us
Last Updated: Sunday 23 September, 2018
Minutes per Episode: 60
Genre: reality / documentary
Rating: 7,8/10
Season(s): 8
Network: Discovery
TV Show Status: returning series
Releasing Episodes: Tuesday on 21:00
Likes: 717

Episode Overview

Season: 3
Episode: 2 - The Unforgiving Sea
Released: 11 April 2007
Description: Fishing is put on hold for boats in the area of where a fellow vessel sank, fellow fishermen search with the Coast Guard to locate survivors. Between faulty equipment and bad fishing crews are struggling with a rough start to the 2006 season.
Season: 4
Season: 5
Season: 6
Season: 7
Season: 8
Episode: 12 - Collision Course
Released: 27 June 2012
Description: The polar ice pack invades the opilio crab grounds, forcing the captains to make a decision: grab their gear and run, or keep fishing and fight the floes. Two deckhands fall victim to an ice assault; a captain's troubles are compounded by a call home.
Episode: 15 - Release the Beast
Released: 18 July 2012
Description: Two brothers find themselves in the same dire situation that sunk their father's boat. After a midseason hiatus, the fleet returns to the Bearing Sea, but the ice is back and worse than before. Now the skippers could get pushed past their breaking points.
Episode: 16 - The Bitter, Bloody End
Released: 25 July 2012
Description: In this special two-hour close to a merciless opilio season, a veteran deckhand pays for a mistake in flesh. Then in the final hours some men rise and some men fall, but not everyone will make it home.
Episode: 9 - Nowhere to Go But Down
Released: 06 June 2012
Description: It's winter in Dutch Harbor and the fleet prepares to hunt Opilio crab. The season looks promising with the quota up and the price high, but tensions rise before the lines are thrown as one deckhand quits, two brothers fight and one goes overboard.
Season: 9
Episode: 1 - Mutiny on the Bering Sea
Released: 17 April 2013
Description: It's October in Dutch Harbor, Alaska, and after a devastating 2011 Opilio season, every ship in the fleet — including two new boats — is looking to make a comeback in the 2012 King Crab season. But it won't be easy for any of them.
Episode: 10 - Sleeping With the Enemy
Released: 19 June 2013
Description: Survival is the name of the game as the fleet battles their way through a ferocious arctic storm. Junior takes a huge risk in order to get back in the game; two greenhorns struggle to fit in with their crews; and Elliott’s problems on land continue.
Episode: 12 - Listing Lover
Released: 03 July 2013
Description: The crews and battered boats are feeling the brunt of one of the hardest Opilio seasons on record. While some crew members battle potentially catastrophic breakdowns to stay on the grounds and keep fishing, others throw in the towel and call it quits.
Episode: 13 - So You Wanna Be a Boatowner…
Released: 10 July 2013
Description: Midway through the winter crab season and the Bering Sea is taking its toll on the boats and the men. The northern-most boats are in a race to save their gear as the polar ice pack descends on the fishing grounds.
Episode: 14 - Ship of Iron, Men of Steel
Released: 17 July 2013
Description: With only three weeks left in Opilio season, the fleet prepares to make the final push to wrap up their seasons. Captains battle weather, equipment and their own men in a sprint to the finish, but nothing comes easy.
Episode: 15 - Man Overboard
Released: 24 July 2013
Description: After enduring months of mechanical breakdowns, sleepless grinds and infighting, the fleet is starting to crack. And when deckhands on the Wizard are unable to lasso a floating walrus carcass, one man takes matters into his own hands.
Episode: 16 - The Final Battle
Released: 31 July 2013
Description: The younger generation is put to the test as the fleet races to finish a grueling Opilio season. As defiance on the Wizard turns brother against brother, an accident brings one crabber's career to a gruesome end.
Episode: 2 - Dagger in the Back
Released: 24 April 2013
Description: Keith and Junior form an alliance, but will it last? The Northwestern crew knocks out their rocky string but then faces a surprise challenge. Elliott finally debuts his new boat on the dangerous blue crab grounds.
Episode: 3 - Blood in the Morning
Released: 01 May 2013
Description: On the blue crab grounds, brutal competition leads to more deceit amongst the captains. Serious injuries plague the fleet, and Junior's betrayal of his alliance with Keith comes back to haunt him with potentially lethal consequences.
Episode: 4 - The Crooke & The Tangler
Released: 08 May 2013
Description: On the crowded blue crab grounds, a high seas showdown between the Saga and Seabrooke takes an unexpected turn. On the Northwestern, Captain Sig must make a tough decision about his brother’s future, while the Time Bandit has a close call in False Pass.
Episode: 5 - Judgement Day
Released: 15 May 2013
Description: Five weeks into the king crab season, change is in the air and on the Bering Sea. Big moves are made on some boats while it's the same old story on others. Still, the hunt for the elusive blue crab is on everyone's radar.
Episode: 6 - Fist to the Face
Released: 22 May 2013
Description: On the Northwestern, Jake's dark secret sets off a fistfight that throws Edgar's new captaincy into jeopardy. Tempers flare on the Saga and Seabrooke when Elliott grows wise to Junior's devious ways.
Episode: 7 - Goodbye Jake
Released: 29 May 2013
Description: As King Crab season comes to an end, life-changing decisions must be made. The captains of the fleet pull up their last pots while young Jake Anderson struggles with his decision to leave the Northwestern, and Josh Harris plots to buy his father's old boat.
Episode: 8 - Kicking Off with a Bang
Released: 05 June 2013
Description: Chaos kicks off the 2013 Opilio season as these gladiators of the Bering Sea lace up for their biggest money season. An accident on the Time Bandit has the crew racing for shore, and Jake Anderson gets a not-so-warm welcome aboard his new boat, the Kiska Sea.
Episode: 9 - The Storm of the Season
Released: 12 June 2013
Description: A massive storm causes headaches for the captainsA Category 4 storm has landed on the fleet two weeks into the Opilio Crab Season. As the first pots come aboard, some captains are dialed into the crab while others are off their scent — but they're all struggling to stay afloat.
Season: 10
Episode: 1 - Careful What You Wish For
Released: 23 April 2014
Description: A government shutdown shortens the season and starts off a chain reaction that forces the fleet to fish harder and faster to make the market deadline. One boat goes up in flames and many are left to wonder if this is really the life they wished for.
Episode: 10 - Fisherman's Daughter
Released: 25 June 2014
Description: In Dutch, Sig welcomes their newest greenhorn: his daughter. After four generations of Hansen fishermen, the next in line is a woman. In high seas, a major hydraulic leak on the Time Bandit primes the engine room to blow.
Episode: 11 - Blonde Ambition
Released: 02 July 2014
Description: While the rest of the fleet have their doubts about a woman's place on a crab boat, the Northwestern crew must train their new recruit: Sig's 18-year-old daughter, Mandy Hansen.
Episode: 12 - Women Drivers
Released: 09 July 2014
Description: As the wintery Opilio season roars on, Sig puts Mandy at the helm in to keep her off the deck in rough seas. Josh Harris struggles to find crab. Elliott’s new girlfriend arrives (much to his crew’s chagrin). The Saga is ready to fish but Elliott is too ill to leave his bunk.
Episode: 13 - Greatest Game Ever Fished
Released: 16 July 2014
Description: It's Super Bowl Sunday on the Bering Sea. The Cornelia Marie battles 20-foot breakers to enter St. Paul, a blown prop on the Time Bandit causes a rift that pulls the Hillstrand apart and "Wild" Bill takes his deck boss to task.
Episode: 14 - Breaking Mandy
Released: 23 July 2014
Description: Sig orders a classic Northwestern grind, Mandy learns what it's really like to be a greenhorn. With major repairs on the Time Bandit, Captain Andy is faced with a tough decision.
Episode: 15 - Sabotage
Released: 30 July 2014
Description: With the end in sight, crews struggle to keep it together. A saboteur seeks an early end for the Cape Caution. Cornelia Marie Captains Josh Harris and Casey McManus fight to control their crew. On the Time Bandit Jonathan Hillstrand returns.
Episode: 16 - You'll Know My Name Is The Lord...
Released: 06 August 2014
Description: In the 2-hour season finale of Deadliest Catch, an arctic hurricane strikes the fleet and threatens to sink the Cornelia Marie. The Northwestern needs repair in 30 foot seas. Blood is shed on the Time Bandit. The Wizard looks to have a near perfect season.
Episode: 2 - Family Affair
Released: 30 April 2014
Description: Two weeks into the King Crab season the fleet is already behind due to the government shutdown and, now, a massive Arctic storm. A harrowing Coast Guard airlift must abort as 100-knot winds whip over the fishing grounds.
Episode: 3 - Darwin's Law
Released: 07 May 2014
Description: After a storm shuts down the fleet, an even more severe weather system hits them again. While the captains do their best to stay the course, greenhorn problems, mechanical malfunctions and bad fishing conspire to shake their resolve.
Episode: 4 - Against the Law
Released: 14 May 2014
Description: The King fleet grows desperate as it hurtles towards the finish line and the Wizard's fishing strategy lands them on the wrong side of the law.
Episode: 5 - On the Rocks
Released: 21 May 2014
Description: As crews prepare to head to the Bairdi grounds, a mayday call from a sinking ship prompts a dramatic at-sea rescue. On the Cape Caution, Bill's greenhorn is looking for a way out, while Edgar on the Northwestern takes a big risk at his first time as captain.
Episode: 6 - Falling Down
Released: 28 May 2014
Description: With one captain in the hospital and another on a bender, fishing has come to a halt on two boats. Out at sea an alleged felon is trapped, a boat goes dark, and on the Time Bandit... well, Captain Johnathan just wants to be young again.
Episode: 7 - Lost at Sea
Released: 04 June 2014
Description: One captain faces what might spell the end of a storied career while another struggles to check into rehab. Problems on land pale in comparison to those on the Bering Sea where the brave men and women of the United States Coast Guard lose one of their own.
Episode: 8 - Cornelia Marie Blue
Released: 11 June 2014
Description: Opilio season kicks off with the return of the Cornelia Marie. After a 3-year struggle, Josh Harris brought back the boat that helped make his old man a legend. 18-year-old Mandy Hansen arrives to convince her father Sig to take her fishing.
Episode: 9 - Skipper Harris in Training
Released: 18 June 2014
Description: Blood is spilled on the Cape Caution, when a brutal storm rips across the Bering Sea. Rookie boat owner, Josh Harris swallows his pride. Captain Sig fights to keep the Northwestern from going up in flames and captain Keith battles boat-sinking ice.
Season: 11
Episode: 1 - A Brotherhood Tested
Released: 15 April 2015
Description: A 12-million pound Bairdi quota increase causes a fishing frenzy; a boat is stolen on the eve of a launch; an alliance takes root.
Episode: 10 - Lunatic Fringe
Released: 17 June 2015
Description: Three boats hit the Opie grounds early. Jonathan Hillstrand struggles with a rogue deckhand. Meanwhile Jake Anderson prepares for the birth of his baby. On the Cape Caution a hydraulic explosion calls Zack Larson's dedication into question.
Episode: 11 - New Captain on the Block
Released: 24 June 2015
Description: The rest of the fleet arrives in Dutch Harbor to take Opilio season by storm. Jake Anderson prepares to captain the Saga for the first time. Captain Andy Hillstrand returns to find the Time Bandit in disarray. Keith Colburn's new greenhorn turns heads.
Episode: 12 - 5-Year Storm (1)
Released: 01 July 2015
Description: The most menacing storm of the opilio season moves in on the fleet. A rogue wave hits the Cape Caution, ripping steel and timber. The Saga, captained by rookie Jake Anderson, nearly capsizes by a massive 40 ft wave.
Episode: 13 - 5-Year Storm (2)
Released: 15 July 2015
Description: A 600 mile wide storm continues to batter the fleet. Rookie skippers Jake Anderson and Josh Harris struggle to keep their heads above water while veteran captains Andy Hillstrand and Sig Hansen charge straight into the heart of the tempest.
Episode: 14 - Bite the Hand
Released: 22 July 2015
Description: As a second major storm slams the fleet, Rookie skipper Jake Anderson reaches out to Sig Hansen for help. Josh Harris arrives on the grounds weeks late. Captain Keith Colburn and Wild Bill Wichrowski struggle to keep their greenhorns in the game.
Episode: 15 - New Blood, Old Wounds
Released: 29 July 2015
Description: Late into Opilio season, the fleet battles mental and physical breakdowns. After deliberately defying Sig, Captain Jake Anderson has a shot at redemption. Captain Keith props up one ailing greenhorn after another. Wild Bill must decide to call the Coast Guard for a medevac.
Episode: 16 - Beastmode
Released: 05 August 2015
Description: Superbowl Sunday & the Bering Sea: The Cornelia Marie hatches a scheme to watch the Seahawks play. An injured crewman jeopardizes Captain Keith Coburn's plan on the Wizard. The Cape Caution crew makes a near fatal error. The Time Bandit loses a Captain.
Episode: 17 - I'm the Captain
Released: 12 August 2015
Description: The polar ice pack descends upon the fleet, threatening the end of the season. Jake struggles to lead his crew in the worst of conditions. Sig attempts to offload his crab before saving his gear. Casey shows Josh what it means to be a Captain while Keith grinds to the finish.
Episode: 18 - We Have Not Yet Begun to Fight
Released: 19 August 2015
Description: Polar ice descends and each Skipper must choose flight or fight. The Saga is in danger of sinking and Jake must act fast to save his crew. Josh takes a huge gamble against Casey's wishes and heads towards the ice. Sig and Johnathan race to rescue gear.
Episode: 2 - Prodigal Son
Released: 22 April 2015
Description: An additional 15 million dollars in crab sends the fleet into a fishing frenzy. To get ahead, the Time Bandit and Wizard must put a decade old rivalry behind them. Josh Harris learns a difficult lesson.
Episode: 3 - The Ultimatum
Released: 29 April 2015
Description: A fire threatens the Cornelia Marie; Keith has a showdown with his crew on the Wizard; Sig receives a shocking surprise aboard the Northwestern.
Episode: 4 - Super Typhoon (1)
Released: 06 May 2015
Description: With Super Typhoon Nuri closing in, the captains make hard choices to save the seasons; the Northwestern charges into the storm, Cape Caution retreats, and the Wizard gets a replacement deckhand.
Episode: 5 - Super Typhoon (2)
Released: 13 May 2015
Description: Super Typhoon Nuri swallows the fishing grounds. With lives and livelihoods on the line, rookie Josh Harris' weaknesses are exposed, Captain Sig loses control of the Northwestern & Captain Elliott Neese steps down from the helm of the Saga.
Episode: 6 - Wasted Talent
Released: 20 May 2015
Description: With a 1.5 million dollar boat of his own and more King Crab quota than any other captain in the fleet, Elliott Neese throws it all away and bids a final farewell. With a baby on the way, Jake Anderson struggles to fill Edgar's shoes on the Northwestern.
Episode: 7 - Heavy Lies the Crown
Released: 27 May 2015
Description: On the Northwestern Jake gets a whiplash style captaining lesson from Sig. A long trip and a prank threaten Captain Johnathan's catch on the Time Bandit. To restore order on the Cornelia Marie Captain Josh must hit below the belt.
Episode: 8 - Zero Hour
Released: 03 June 2015
Description: King Crab season draws to a close: Casey forces Josh to fish at full throttle on the Cornelia Marie. Jake takes another turn at the wheel on the Northwestern. Wild Bill turns up the heat on the Coast Guard.
Episode: 9 - Hell's Bells
Released: 10 June 2015
Description: Christmas at sea for the Time Bandit is disturbed when an unhinged deckhand terrorizes the crew. Jake Anderson awaits the birth of his baby, when an unexpected phone call throws a wrench in the plan. A greenhorn's season is cut short by a gruesome injury.
Season: 12
Episode: 1 - Ticking Bomb
Released: 30 March 2016
Description: An adrenaline packed new season brings a new face, 23 year old Sean Dwyer, who is fighting for the legacy of his father he lost too soon. The Time Bandit squares off with the law, Captain Keith's life spirals and Sig torments his former protege.
Episode: 10 - Proving Grounds
Released: 01 June 2016
Description: During the final throes of the season's first arctic storm, the captains and crews need to battle for survival. While other captains fight the weather, rookie skipper Sean Dwyer decides to wait out the storm, making his first trip of the year under blue skies.
Episode: 11 - Raw Deal
Released: 08 June 2016
Description: Keith and Johnathan test the boundaries of partner fishing; Captain Jake struggles with a problematic deckhand; Zack must step up when Wild Bill gives him a shot at the helm.
Episode: 12 - Settling the Score
Released: 15 June 2016
Description: Big weather hits the fleet again. Captain Sean Dwyer is forced to enforce his dad's law with an unruly deckhand on his boat. Casey and Josh square off. Meanwhile, Sig grinds his crew and Keith struggles with some new greenhorns.
Episode: 13 - Fire at Sea: Part 1
Released: 22 June 2016
Description: The Northwestern catches on fire alone on the water and days from land. Meanwhile on the Time Bandit, a family emergency leaves Johnathan no choice but to make a desperate move. Josh Harris' judgement is tested.
Episode: 14 - Fire at Sea: Part 2
Released: 06 July 2016
Description: Captain Sig and crew fight for their lives against an engine room fire; faulty hydraulics and a flying 800-pound pot create a deadly situation on the deck of the Saga.
Episode: 15 - Blood & Guts
Released: 13 July 2016
Description: Blood is shed on the Time Bandit, a fight breaks out on the Wizard, the Northwestern grapples with a burnt-out boat, and a lost bet leads to cod guts on the Brenna A.
Episode: 16 - Life or Death Decision
Released: 20 July 2016
Description: A rogue wave forces Zack to make a life or death decision. Going against his co captain and crew, Josh bets on a Bering Sea myth. Sean Dwyer encounters some giant seas and Sig turns to his daughter Mandy for some help.
Episode: 17 - The Widowmaker: Part 1
Released: 27 July 2016
Description: Intense weather and more damage to his already battered boat take a toll on Sig's heart. The USCG attempts a dangerous medevac. Bill struggles with a water leak on his boat and Jake recruits an old friend.
Episode: 18 - The Widowmaker: Part 2
Released: 03 August 2016
Description: Sig fights to survive a massive heart attack. Bill learns a dark secret about his son Zack. On the Corneila Marie, Josh fights to prove himself. Jake learns a valuable lesson and Johnathan appeals to the gods.
Episode: 2 - First Timers
Released: 06 April 2016
Description: Captain Sean Dwyer and his crew prepare for their first crab season aboard the Brenna A; Jake Anderson fears he made a big mistake; Wild Bill handles a challenging deckhand; Keith gets support from Johnathan Hillstrand.
Episode: 3 - No Good Deed...
Released: 13 April 2016
Description: Wild Bill risks his biggest lead in history to bail Josh Harris out of trouble. Sean Dwyer finds out if he has got what it takes. Veteran skipper Johnathan Hillstrand leans on his crew and a little tip from a friend to turn his season around.
Episode: 4 - Swedish Twins
Released: 20 April 2016
Description: Josh Harris is forced to take over the Cornelia Marie. Sean Dwyer gets his first taste of the angry sea. Greenhorns on the Cape Caution are slapped to attention. Weather, mechanical failures and inexperienced crews complicate matters across the fleet.
Episode: 5 - Million Dollar Bet
Released: 27 April 2016
Description: Jake Anderson attempts a treacherous short cut with only one engine. Casey and Josh perform surgery at sea. Edgar Hansen works to make his mark as a captain with his greenhorn son Eric on deck. Keith hopes to turn his season and his life around.
Episode: 6 - 100% Injury Rate
Released: 04 May 2016
Description: The season's worst storm yet batters the fleet. Freshman skipper Sean Dwyer must choose between crab and a childhood friend. Wild Bill questions his son's status as a crabber and man. As injuries stack up, one deckhand reveals a painful secret in his pants.
Episode: 7 - Cold War
Released: 11 May 2016
Description: Captain Edgar Hansen is losing control of the Northwestern with a mutiny on his hands. A couple of drunk deckhands put the Saga at risk. Jonathan Hillstrand bets it all for a hopefully big end to his season and Freddie Maugatai takes honoring his skipper to the extreme.
Episode: 8 - Winter is Coming
Released: 18 May 2016
Description: As the fall season is coming to an end, a massive arctic storm blasts the fleet with hurricane force winds and monster seas. Every captain will be tested when they must decide how much their boats and crew can handle.
Episode: 9 - Into the Gale
Released: 25 May 2016
Description: The winter crab season is here and brings with it this year's biggest storm. Every captain must decide to risk it all and head out into the storm or stay back tied to the dock losing money. However carefully they choose the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.
Season: 13
Episode: 1 - Uncharted Territory
Released: 12 April 2017
Description: The crabs have vanished, which ignites a grueling hunt to save the fleet's way of life. Captain Sig returns to the helm after a major heart attack. Wild Bill debuts his own brand new boat in a crisis season. A rescue is attempted for a heart attack victim.
Episode: 10 - Legend of Wild Bill
Released: 31 May 2017
Description: While coping with a fractured relationship with his son, Wild Bill rushes to convert his $2 million investment into a commercial crabber before the season begins.
Episode: 11 - The Russian Line
Released: 07 June 2017
Description: Competition doubles when the quota is cut in half. Three captains arrive early for the winter season, but Johnathan goes one step further and plots a dangerous, 600-mile course to Russia.
Episode: 12 - Back to the Killing Season
Released: 14 June 2017
Description: Sig returns to the season that nearly killed him. After a tough start, Keith and son struggle to prove themselves. Wild Bill gives Nick McGlashan a second chance and Jake lets go of a friend.
Episode: 13 - Hurricane Alley
Released: 21 June 2017
Description: When the Arctic opens up its winter wrath, the first of multiple back-to-back hurricanes descend on the fleet. Spotty fishing and mutiny also converge to create the perfect storm.
Episode: 14 - Arctic Mega Storm
Released: 28 June 2017
Description: An Arctic mega-storm rocks the fleet. Sig plays cat-and-mouse with towering waves. Keith watches an 800-pound crab pot launch into a deckhand's spine. Wild Bill fights for a comeback.
Episode: 15 - A Hillstrand 4th of July
Released: 05 July 2017
Description: To honor his grandfather, a WW2 Dutch Harbor war hero, Johnathan plans the largest fireworks display in the island's history. The captains examine a bloody attack on Dutch Harbor.
Episode: 16 - Dead-Stick
Released: 12 July 2017
Description: Sig's stress takes a toll. Sean tries to dock in a hurricane. Keith is left dead-stick in massive seas. Jake motivates a defiant hand. Johnathan rolls the dice by Russia.
Episode: 17 - 450 Mile Storm
Released: 19 July 2017
Description: Sig, Johnathan and Jake attempt to run from a second arctic hurricane, but Keith refuses to heed the warnings. Stress-induced chest pains threaten the remainder of Sig's season.
Episode: 18 - Respect Earned
Released: 02 August 2017
Description: After suffering chest pains, Sig waits in the hospital for some news. Wild Bill struggles to stay out of harm's way while also handling dissention on deck. Sean laws down the lay on Zack.
Episode: 19 - Man Down
Released: 09 August 2017
Description: When Mother Nature stirs up the Bering Sea, Sean is set on a collision course with another boat. Two deckhands get taken down on the Wizard and Jake almost loses a deckhand...twice.
Episode: 2 - Evolution of Danger
Released: 19 April 2017
Description: This hour explores some of the most brutal injuries and death defying moments in crab history. Even with new safety regulations, can crab fishing ever be made safe?
Episode: 20 - Hillstrand's Last Catch
Released: 16 August 2017
Description: Two old friends race to finish their seasons, but one hopes to cap a storied career. Johnathan Hillstrand wants to bid farewell in a blaze of glory, but the Bering Sea may have some other plans.
Episode: 21 - Lost At Sea
Released: 23 August 2017
Description: The U.S. Coast Guard desperately searches for a missing crab vessel in the Bering Sea. Meanwhile, the fleet anxiously waits to discover the fate of its six man crew. Sig contemplates an early exit after a plea from his wife.
Episode: 22 - Last Damn Arctic Storm
Released: 30 August 2017
Description: In the wake of the Destination tragedy one last storm bears down on Edgar, Bill, Sean and Jake. The Coast Guard attempts to save the crew of a fishing vessel while their boat is taking on water.
Episode: 23 - Johnathan Hillstrand Legacy
Released: 06 September 2017
Description: The legendary John Hillstrand is retiring after a storied 37 years. Join us as we journey into the career of this elite fisherman, brawler and Bering Sea prankster.
Episode: 3 - Seismic Shift
Released: 19 April 2017
Description: The fall season begins with some uncertainty. A seismic shift in sea temperature sends the fleet searching for displaced crab and then they must fight through an unseasonably large first storm.
Episode: 4 - Down in Flames
Released: 26 April 2017
Description: Rising sea temperatures test the fleet. Toxic smoke engulfs the Saga. Meanwhile, Sean struggles to save the family business on the Brenna A and Wild Bill fears he could lose Nick to a terminal illness.
Episode: 5 - Crushing Blows
Released: 03 May 2017
Description: Wild Bill finds out the truth about Nick McGlashan's terminal illness. Jake's future is threatened by a damaging mechanical issue. Warming seas force Keith to into the unknown.
Episode: 6 - Bad Moon
Released: 10 May 2017
Description: Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand fish together for the last time. Keith's inattentive crew sends the Wizard on a collision course and a belligerent deckhand tests Jake's resolve as a captain.
Episode: 7 - Hail Mary, Full Of Crab
Released: 17 May 2017
Description: A massive leak fills the Time Bandit. A fistfight tests Jake's resolve while heavy winds and a snapped anchor threaten to wreck his boat. Sig's greenhorn has an awkward question.
Episode: 8 - Poisoned at Sea
Released: 24 May 2017
Description: A big decision weighs on Sig Hansen. Rookie captain Sean Dwyer gambles on a new venture with a new crew. Jake Anderson struggles to replace a lost anchor before his quota is taken away.
Episode: 9 - 40-Foot Monsters
Released: 31 May 2017
Description: The last moments of the fall season bring its biggest storm. Wild Bill struggles to pilot his new boat in big seas. Johnathan faces off with a massive swell in the perilous False Pass.
Season: 14
Episode: 1 - Battle Lines
Released: 11 April 2018
Description: Sig and Jake have a massive falling out, leading to new strategies and new alliances. Josh Harris returns to captain his father's boat. Sean plays dirty, but Wild Bill shows him he's messing with the wrong Captain. With big rewards, come big risks.
Episode: 10 - Winter's Curse
Released: 13 June 2018
Description: A massive tidal surge threatens Josh and Monte as they chase their bounty deep into an arctic storm. Wild Bill hopes to get his broken boat off the dock, while the rest of the fleet arrives for the start of Opilio.
Episode: 11 - Blackout
Released: 20 June 2018
Description: A blackout leaves the Saga close to disaster in unfamiliar waters; unwilling to partner, Josh must fill his quota single-handedly; Keith makes an offer only a captain could refuse.
Episode: 12 - Winter's Fury
Released: 27 June 2018
Description: The Winter season brings 40 knot winds and 20 foot waves. As accidents plague crews, the Bering Sea singles out one greenhorn for the worst. Strategy is more critical than ever with crab on the move and tension between Wizard co-captains reaches a breaking point.
Episode: 13 - Baptism By Fire
Released: 11 July 2018
Description: It's baptism by fire aboard the Northwestern as Mandy takes her 1st shift in heavy seas. The Wizard crew battles over one crewman who isn't pulling his weight on deck. Caught short on bait gear & battered by high seas, Wild Bill changes his strategy.
Episode: 14 - Supermoon Storm
Released: 18 July 2018
Description: A 150-year supermoon storm wreaks havoc on tides, churning undersea currents that rip pots right off their lines. The Coast Guard attempt a rescue mission in the heart of the storm, while Wild Bill faces his worst nightmare as a greenhorn goes overboard.
Episode: 15 - Greenhorn Overboard
Released: 01 August 2018
Episode: 16 - Turf Wars
Released: 08 August 2018
Description: Sig pushes Mandy to invade the Cornelia Marie's ground, sparking a battle for the crab. As the Cornelia Marie's pots get tangled with the Northwestern's, Casey takes extreme measures to defend his turf. A Saga distress signal sends panic across the fleet.
Episode: 17 - No Safe Harbor
Released: 15 August 2018
Description: A severe arctic gale batters the fleet, forcing captains to fight extreme wind and waves. For the second time, a greenhorn's life hangs in the balance on the Summer Bay. The Saga crew seeks shelter at St. Paul, where tidal forces snap Jake's anchor.
Episode: 18 - Blood and Water
Released: 22 August 2018
Description: As rogue waves threaten to capsize their boats, Jake and Sean must make life or death decisions for their crews on deck. Wild Bill faces a choice that could end his career, and Keith returns to the Wizard put an unexpected end to his brother's rule.
Episode: 19 - Storm Surge
Released: 29 August 2018
Description: The captains take on the steepest waves yet in an epic final surge to hit their quotas. Jake fights through a debilitating crew injury on deck. Josh gambles big on his crab count, while engine failure leaves Sig dead in the water.
Episode: 2 - First Blood
Released: 18 April 2018
Description: Bering Sea draws first blood in a daring Coast Guard rescue. Jake strives to become an independent Captain, and Keith offers to take him on as an apprentice, but accusations fly and suspicions grow as the captains plunge head first into a brutal start.
Episode: 3 - Dead in the Water
Released: 25 April 2018
Description: Wild Bill risks it all on a new bait and fish strategy hoping it will pay off big. Casey and Sean forge an alliance, but when one crab strikes, will he betray it? A dangerous mistake jeopardizes Jake's offload and the Cornelia Marie is whipped by bad weather.
Episode: 4 - Salt Wounds
Released: 02 May 2018
Description: Sig takes heads off the grid on a daring midnight mission to shake his rivals. The Corneila Marie pays the price for a rotten alliance and an injured deckhand could force them to go in early. Keith gets big news from his doctor on a mystery illness.
Episode: 5 - Collision Void
Released: 09 May 2018
Description: As a flooding collision void threatens to sink Keith, he fights to keep the Wizard afloat. Jake is stranded at sea because of a missing boat part. Sig gets ready to pass the torch to Edgar, but the brotherly tension rises when he can't give up the reins.
Episode: 6 - Arctic Hurricane
Released: 16 May 2018
Description: A massive arctic hurricane hits the fleet with high winds and big waves. On the Saga, an unstable stack threatens to capsize the boat. Wild Bill risks driving straight into the storm to catch his quota, while the other captains rush to pull and set pots before harboring.
Episode: 7 - Clash Of Kings
Released: 23 May 2018
Description: Jake makes a devil's bargain, huge crab for hidden perils, until his boat itself is on the line. Sig serves cold justice at sea and Wild Bill chases a King Crab jackpot. The Corneila Marie crew learns that when you bet on a boat, the wheelhouse always wins.
Episode: 8 - Becoming Captain
Released: 30 May 2018
Description: On the edge of failure, Josh Harris discovers secret fishing grounds in his late father's logbooks. A deck mishap on the Saga could end Jake Anderson's season. The Coast Guard attempts to hoist an injured sailor from inside a ship's tank in turbulent seas.
Episode: 9 - Purgatory
Released: 06 June 2018
Description: Keith is forced to hand over the Wizard; Josh fights for the helm despite a bad showing; major engine trouble threatens Wild Bill's season.