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The Office

A fresh and funny mockumentary-style glimpse into the daily interactions of the eccentric workers at the Dunder Mifflin paper supply company. This fast-paced comedy parodies contemporary American water-cooler culture.


About The Office

A fresh and funny mockumentary-style glimpse into the daily interactions of the eccentric workers at the Dunder Mifflin paper supply company. This fast-paced comedy parodies contemporary American water-cooler culture.

TV Show Information

Year of Release: 2005
Country: us
Last Updated: Sunday 12 August, 2018
Minutes per Episode: 25
Genre: comedy
Rating: 8,6/10
Season(s): 5
Network: NBC
TV Show Status: ended
Likes: 10922

Episode Overview

Season: 5
Episode: 19 - Two Weeks
Released: 26 March 2009
Description: Michael's relationship with the new vice president becomes increasingly tense, as Michael finds an excuse to goof off even more than usual. Meanwhile, Pam faces the challenge of a new copier and Kelly develops a crush.
Episode: 20 - Dream Team
Released: 09 April 2009
Description: The situation between Jim and his new boss Charles gets worse when they are competing in a parking lot soccer game. Michael tries to start his new business, but has trouble leaving his house.
Episode: 21 - The Michael Scott Paper Company
Released: 09 April 2009
Description: Tension and disillusionment begin to emerge as Michael, Pam, and Ryan move the Michael Scott Paper Company into a cramped "workspace" at the business park.
Episode: 22 - Heavy Competition
Released: 16 April 2009
Description: Dwight's loyalty to Michael is tested when he finds a new hero in Charles. Meanwhile, Andy tries to provide for all of Jim's emotional needs.
Episode: 23 - Broke
Released: 23 April 2009
Description: Michael's new company struggles to make early morning deliveries while the office tries to get their expense reports in on time after Angela enforces Dunder Mifflin's policy.
Episode: 24 - Casual Friday
Released: 30 April 2009
Description: Michael has to mediate a dispute within his new sales team. Meanwhile, trouble brews in the office when several employees take the term "casual" Fridays too loosely.
Episode: 25 - Cafe Disco
Released: 07 May 2009
Description: Michael decides to open a cafe-disco in his old office. Pam and Jim are planning a secret trip.
Episode: 26 - Company Picnic
Released: 14 May 2009
Description: At the company picnic, Michael and Holly are reunited for the first time since their split. The rest of the staff competes in games, such as the volleyball tournament.
Season: 6
Episode: 1 - Gossip
Released: 17 September 2009
Description: A few interns who stayed at Dunder-Mifflin over the summer end their internship. Michael announces some potentially damaging gossip about an employee to the rest of the office, then starts to spread false rumours about others to cover up what he has unwittingly revealed.
Episode: 10 - Murder
Released: 12 November 2009
Description: The entire office is preoccupied about rumors of Dunder Mifflin's bankruptcy. Michael tries to create a distraction by engaging everyone in murder-mystery game, but Jim wonders if that is a good idea.
Episode: 11 - Shareholder Meeting
Released: 19 November 2009
Description: Michael speaks out of line at the Dunder Mifflin shareholders meeting and creates a big problem for management, while Jim discovers that nobody in the office thinks he's the "real" boss.
Episode: 12 - Scott's Tots
Released: 03 December 2009
Description: 10 years ago, Michael promised a group of 3rd graders he would pay for their college tuition if they graduated. Now comes time to pay, and he can't do it. At the office, Dwight's "Employee of the Month" idea gets Jim in big trouble.
Episode: 14 - The Banker
Released: 21 January 2010
Description: A banker representing a potential buyer comes to the Scranton branch to interview the H.R. department before the sale goes through.
Episode: 15 - Sabre
Released: 04 February 2010
Description: Michael hates the changes that Dunder Mifflin's new owner is implementing, so he turns to David Wallace for advice. Jim and Pam find the perfect day care center, but Jim's mistake threatens to ruin the interview.
Episode: 16 - Manager and Salesman
Released: 11 February 2010
Description: Sabre's CEO wants the Scranton branch to have one manager, and Michael voluntarily steps down and lets Jim become the boss when he finds out that salespeople make more money. However, he soon comes to regret the decision.
Episode: 18 - The Delivery (2)
Released: 04 March 2010
Description: While Jim and Pam struggle with their newborn child, back at the office Michael decides to set Erin up on a date with Kevin.
Episode: 19 - St. Patrick's Day
Released: 11 March 2010
Description: Michael thinks he impressed Jo only to discover someone else in the office caught her eye. Meanwhile, Dwight makes trouble on Jim's first day back from paternity leave. Andy and Erin have an interesting first date.
Episode: 2 - The Meeting
Released: 24 September 2009
Description: Michael gets worried after a request from Jim, and Pam's busy with wedding planning. Darryl's worker's compensation claim makes Dwight suspicious.
Episode: 20 - New Leads
Released: 18 March 2010
Description: When the sales staff lets Sabre's new "sales is king" policy get to their heads, Michael hides their new, prized leads.
Episode: 21 - Happy Hour
Released: 25 March 2010
Description: Michael gets kicked out of the bar when he pulls out all the stops to impress a friend of Jim and Pam's. Meanwhile, Andy and Erin do their best to keep their relationship under wraps. Dwight rethinks his pre-natal contract with Angela.
Episode: 22 - Secretary's Day
Released: 22 April 2010
Description: Andy pulls out all the stops to give Erin a memorable Secretary's Day. Michael reluctantly takes Erin out to lunch and lets slip about Andy's relationship with Angela. Meanwhile, Oscar circulates a video he created that compares Kevin's voice to Sesame Street's Cookie Monster.
Episode: 23 - Body Language
Released: 29 April 2010
Description: Pam and Jim work on their first sales pitch together to Donna, the manager of a local restaurant. But Michael keeps misreading the signals she's putting out. Meanwhile, Dwight encourages Kelly to try out for the minority training program.
Episode: 24 - The Cover-Up
Released: 06 May 2010
Description: Michael suspects Donna is cheating on him and puts P.I. Dwight Schrute on the case. Meanwhile, Andy is frustrated when no one takes his customer's complaint seriously.
Episode: 25 - The Chump
Released: 13 May 2010
Description: Michael is surprisingly cheerful after learning some bad news about Donna. The new parents, Pam and Jim, have trouble staying awake in the office. Meanwhile, Angela takes matters into her own hands when Dwight refuses to honor their contract.
Episode: 3 - The Promotion
Released: 01 October 2009
Description: David Wallace comes bearing the news that not all the staffers will receive a raise this year. Jim pushes Dwight to the limit and causes him to form office alliances. And Pam decides she wants only cash as a wedding gift.
Episode: 4 - Niagara (1)
Released: 08 October 2009
Description: The Dunder Mifflin staff head to Niagara Falls for Jim and Pam's wedding, with the understanding that her pregnancy is a forbidden discussion topic, but Jim's slip of the tongue prods Michael to attempt damage control.
Episode: 5 - Niagara (2)
Released: 08 October 2009
Description: Andy suffers an unfortunate accident, while Pam and Jim suffer from pre-wedding jitters.
Episode: 7 - The Lover
Released: 22 October 2009
Description: Jim and Pam return from their honeymoon and learn, to their horror, that Michael is dating Pam's mom. Meanwhile, Dwight gives Jim a "gift"--which actually has a listening device attached to it.
Episode: 8 - Koi Pond
Released: 29 October 2009
Description: Michael is upset when he becomes the butt of all the office jokes after he falls in a koi pond. Andy and Pam go out together on some cold calls, and everybody mistakes them as a married couple.
Episode: 9 - Double Date
Released: 05 November 2009
Description: Michael sparks more anger from Pam when he breaks up with her mom on her birthday after he finds out she's 58, and Dwight unsuccessfully tries to get everyone in the office to owe him a favor.
Season: 7
Episode: 1 - Nepotism
Released: 23 September 2010
Description: Michael refuses to fire the new office assistant after everyone complains about his bad attitude. Andy plays it cool after Erin shows interest in another man. Meanwhile, Pam tries to impress Jim by pulling an office prank of her own.
Episode: 10 - China
Released: 02 December 2010
Description: After reading an article about China growing as a global power, Michael decides China must be stopped before they take over the US. Everyone in the office complains about Dwight's building standards and Pam threatens to move Dunder Mifflin to a new building.
Episode: 11 - Classy Christmas (1)
Released: 09 December 2010
Description: Michael could not be happier when Toby has to take a leave of absence and corporate sends Holly Flax to cover for him. Pam is forced to do a second Christmas party after Michael wants the party to be on the day Holly returns to Scranton. Meanwhile, Jim regrets agreeing to a snowball fight with Dwight.
Episode: 13 - Ultimatum
Released: 20 January 2011
Description: Michael prepares himself for the good or bad news about Holly and her boyfriend. In an effort to be an "awesome" office manager, Pam decides to put up a resolution board for everyone to post their New Year's resolutions.
Episode: 14 - The Seminar
Released: 27 January 2011
Description: Holly and Michael turn Andy's business seminar into an improv challenge. Erin and Gabe compete in a board game battle.
Episode: 15 - The Search
Released: 03 February 2011
Description: An emergency call from Helene forces Jim to abandon Michael at a gas station restroom, and Holly, Erin, and Dwight set out to rescue him. Gabe becomes offended at submissions to caption Pam's latest work of art.
Episode: 16 - PDA
Released: 10 February 2011
Description: The staff grows increasingly uncomfortable with Michael and Holly's PDAs. Jim and Pam regret a champagne luncheon. Andy horns in on a romantic treasure hunt Gabe arranged for Erin.
Episode: 17 - Threat Level Midnight
Released: 17 February 2011
Description: Michael screens his action film Threat Level Midnight to the office after eleven years of writing, shooting, re-shooting, and editing. The film features Michael as Agent Michael Scarn, Dwight as Scarn's sidekick, and Jim as archnemesis "Goldenface," as well as several people from Michael's past.
Episode: 18 - Todd Packer
Released: 24 February 2011
Description: Traveling salesman Todd Packer comes to Dunder Mifflin looking for a desk job in the office. However, the office is unsure if they want him to work there due to his previous behavior. After dealing with computer problems, Andy confronts office administrator Pam to get a new computer.
Episode: 19 - Garage Sale
Released: 24 March 2011
Description: The office holds a garage sale in the warehouse. Michael decides to propose to Holly, and runs into trouble thinking of how to do it well.
Episode: 2 - Counseling
Released: 30 September 2010
Description: Corporate assigns Michael to counseling with Toby. Dwight vows revenge on the Steamtown Mall after a shop owner snubs him. Meanwhile, Pam conspires to change her job title.
Episode: 22 - Goodbye, Michael
Released: 28 April 2011
Description: Michael wants to have a drama-free day at work on his last day before moving to Colorado. Meanwhile, Deangelo Vickers and Andy Bernard scramble to retain Michael's biggest clients.
Episode: 23 - The Inner Circle
Released: 05 May 2011
Description: When Deangelo plays favorites, his management style is exposed.
Episode: 24 - Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager
Released: 12 May 2011
Description: Dwight takes charge of the office and immediately imposes his will on the staff. Gabe hopes to get back together with Erin.
Episode: 25 - Search Committee (1)
Released: 19 May 2011
Description: Deangelo's new replacement is sought out through a search committee process led by Jim.
Episode: 3 - Andy's Play
Released: 07 October 2010
Description: Andy invites the entire office to his community theater production of Sweeney Todd in hopes that Erin will attend. Michael tries to put his jealousy aside and enjoy the performance while Jim and Pam struggle with their incompetent babysitter.
Episode: 4 - Sex Ed
Released: 14 October 2010
Description: Michael, believing he has herpes, contacts all his ex-girlfriends, including Jan and Holly. Andy tries to play on Erin’s compassionate side by holding a sex education meeting for the office.
Episode: 5 - The Sting
Released: 21 October 2010
Description: When a competing sales associate steals a Dunder Mifflin client, Michael, Jim and Dwight decide to set up a sting to find out his sales secrets. Andy decides to start a band after finding out a friend from college has a successful music career.
Episode: 6 - Costume Contest
Released: 28 October 2010
Description: When Darryl takes an idea to corporate over his head, Michael freaks out. Everyone in the office is in a competitive mood as the Halloween costume contest gets underway. Meanwhile, Pam tries to get the truth out of Danny about their dating history.
Episode: 7 - Christening
Released: 04 November 2010
Description: Pam and Jim prepare for Cece's baptism. When Cece goes missing, Jim fears Angela has taken her.
Episode: 8 - Viewing Party
Released: 11 November 2010
Description: An ostracized Michael does all he can to sabotage Gabe's party while Angela requests sex from Dwight.
Episode: 9 -
Released: 18 November 2010
Description: Michael tries to save Ryan's company by encouraging co-workers to invest. Meanwhile, Dwight has big plans for the office at Thanksgiving.
Season: 8
Episode: 1 - The List
Released: 22 September 2011
Description: Robert California stops by for the first time as CEO and leaves behind a mysterious list that has a line down the middle and every member of the office on either one side or the other. The office members frantically try to figure out what it means. Meanwhile, the new manager faces a crisis.
Episode: 10 - Christmas Wishes
Released: 08 December 2011
Description: Andy tries to make this year’s Christmas the best ever by granting each person’s holiday wishes. Meanwhile, Robert California tries to drown his sorrows at the office party.
Episode: 11 - Trivia
Released: 12 January 2012
Description: Pressed to boost the bottom line, Andy finds a novel way to improve sales, while Dwight explores corporate opportunities outside Scranton.
Episode: 12 - Pool Party
Released: 19 January 2012
Description: After Robert decides to sell his mansion following his divorce, Kevin suggests that he have an office pool party. Erin tries to make Andy jealous by flirting with Dwight. Meanwhile, Robert gives everyone a tour of his massive home.
Episode: 13 - Jury Duty
Released: 02 February 2012
Description: Jim returns from jury duty, only to have to deal with Dwight's pesky questions about the details of the case. Elsewhere, Angela and her senator beau welcome their baby.
Episode: 14 - Special Project
Released: 09 February 2012
Description: Dwight scores a special assignment at Sabre's Florida headquarters. As a result, he and Andy must decide which Scranton staffers will join him. Elsewhere, Pam returns from maternity leave.
Episode: 15 - Tallahassee
Released: 16 February 2012
Description: Dwight arrives in Tallahassee with his team and sets out to win over the president of Sabre's special projects. Back in Scranton, Andy fills in for reception and enjoys himself.
Episode: 16 - After Hours
Released: 23 February 2012
Description: A power play unfolds in Tallahassee when Dwight and Todd Packer compete to become Nellie's vice president. Meanwhile, Jim receives an unwelcome visitor, and Andy forces the Scranton staffers to work late.
Episode: 17 - Test the Store
Released: 01 March 2012
Description: The Florida contingent puts the final touches on the new Sabre store, with Dwight preparing a theatrical presentation in his continuing bid to impress Nellie. Back in Scranton, a red-faced Andy arrives at work with a humiliating injury.
Episode: 18 - Last Day in Florida
Released: 08 March 2012
Description: Jim comes to Dwight's rescue when Robert slams the plan for the Sabre Store concept. Andy discovers Erin doesn't plan to return to Scranton.
Episode: 19 - Get the Girl
Released: 15 March 2012
Description: Andy makes a game-changing decision and takes a road-trip odyssey in the name of romance. Elsewhere, Nellie arrives at the Scranton branch and sets out to seize the manager position.
Episode: 2 - The Incentive
Released: 29 September 2011
Description: Robert challenges the Dunder-Mifflin staffers to double their sales, and Pam makes an unlikely friend who's also pregnant.
Episode: 20 - Welcome Party
Released: 12 April 2012
Description: Robert California forces the office to throw a welcome party for Nellie, but the Party Planning Committee works on ways to sabotage it. Meanwhile, Erin tries to help Andy figure out a way to break up with Jessica.
Episode: 21 - Angry Andy
Released: 19 April 2012
Description: Andy returns to the office to find Nellie in the manager's chair. Meanwhile, Kelly struggles to choose between Ryan and a new man.
Episode: 22 - Fundraiser
Released: 26 April 2012
Description: Unemployed Andy crashes a fundraiser for the Senator and winds up adopting twelve disabled dogs. Dwight discovers that winning an auction means losing money, and Darryl teaches Nellie how to eat a taco.
Episode: 23 - Turf War
Released: 03 May 2012
Description: Andy takes a break from flambéing cherries and composing rock operas to jumpstart his Dunder Mifflin comeback. When Robert drunkenly shuts down a nearby branch, Jim and Dwight join forces to outsmart a salesman from Scranton’s uglier sister city.
Episode: 24 - Free Family Portrait Studio
Released: 10 May 2012
Description: Dwight offers free family portraits, and a stolen diaper leads to a high-speed car chase. With help from David Wallace, Andy goes undercover to try to get his job back. A new business opportunity arises for Robert California.
Episode: 3 - Lotto
Released: 06 October 2011
Description: The entire warehouse staff quits after winning the lotto, leaving Andy and Darryl to scramble for replacements while several of the office workers get a taste of the warehouse life.
Episode: 4 - Garden Party
Released: 13 October 2011
Description: Andy plants the seeds of trying to impress Robert California by throwing a garden party at Schrute Farms. Andy's parents and brother also attend the event, only to make him feel awkward.
Episode: 5 - Spooked
Released: 27 October 2011
Description: Erin works to make a spooky, non-childish Halloween party with help from Gabe. Dwight becomes friends with Robert's son, and Pam and Jim debate the existence of ghosts. Meanwhile, Robert tries to figure out everyone's deepest fears.
Episode: 6 - Doomsday
Released: 03 November 2011
Description: Dwight installs a Doomsday device that will fire employees if they make too many mistakes in order to help efficiency.
Episode: 7 - Pam's Replacement
Released: 10 November 2011
Description: Pam trains a temporary worker to take her place while she is on maternity leave, and enlists Dwight's support when she tries to show that Jim finds her replacement attractive. Meanwhile, Robert surprises Andy, Kevin, and Darryl when he asks to join their band.
Episode: 8 - Gettysburg
Released: 17 November 2011
Description: Andy decides to motivate and inspire everyone by taking them on a field trip to Gettysburg. Some people in the office stay behind and Robert California asks them to come up with Dunder Mifflin/Sabre's next big idea.
Episode: 9 - Mrs. California
Released: 01 December 2011
Description: Robert California brings his wife into the office to find her a job. Meanwhile, Dwight opens a gym in the building.
Season: 9
Episode: 1 - New Guys
Released: 20 September 2012
Description: Two new, young employees throw Dwight and Jim off balance. Andy returns from leadership training with a desire for revenge.
Episode: 10 - Lice
Released: 10 January 2013
Description: Pam accidentally brings lice into the office and lets Meredith take the fall, while Dwight vows to destroy the parasites. Meanwhile, Jim has a fantastic day in Philly wooing a potential business associate, and Phyllis, Nellie and Kevin meddle in Darryl's love life.
Episode: 11 - Suit Warehouse
Released: 17 January 2013
Description: Clark brings an espresso maker to the office. Dwight and Clark pretend to be a father-and-son to land a sale. Darryl goes on an interview at Jim's company, where Pam drops by unexpectedly.
Episode: 12 - Customer Loyalty
Released: 24 January 2013
Description: Dwight tries to stop Darryl from moving to Jim's start-up company. Jim misses his daughter's first recital, to Pam's dismay. Nellie spills the beans about Pete and Erin.
Episode: 13 - Junior Salesman
Released: 31 January 2013
Description: Dwight is tasked with hiring a part-time salesman to be Jim's substitute, so he rounds up a supergroup of his cronies, including his oddball beet-farmer cousin, Mose. Pam is left wondering who her new deskmate will be. Erin seeks her birth parents with help from Pete.
Episode: 14 - Vandalism
Released: 31 January 2013
Description: Pam’s warehouse mural is defaced. Darryl has difficulty dealing with the Jim's cleanliness habits in their apartment. Angela grudgingly allows Oscar and Kevin to attend her son’s first birthday party.
Episode: 15 - Couples Discount
Released: 07 February 2013
Description: The staffers pair up as faux couples to score a Valentine's Day discount at a mall. Erin tells Pete that she'll break up with Andy when he returns, but Pete has his doubts. Jim and Pam socialize with the documentary's soundman.
Episode: 16 - Moving On
Released: 14 February 2013
Description: Pam interviews for a job in Philadelphia, but her potential manager reminds her of her former boss, Michael Scott. Dwight acquires the help of Angela in order to give his elderly Aunt Shirley a bath. Meanwhile, Andy attempts to make Pete and Erin feel uncomfortable.
Episode: 17 - The Farm
Released: 14 March 2013
Description: The adventures of Dwight at his family beet farm and bed-and-breakfast come to light. Here, he and his siblings receive a surprise inheritance. Back at the office, Todd Packer tries to atone for a lifetime of boorish behavior.
Episode: 18 - Promos
Released: 04 April 2013
Description: Everyone in the office is excited when promos start running on TV for the documentary. Dwight makes Angela jealous when he starts dating a brussel sprout farmer. Meanwhile Jim has a big meeting with Major League baseball player, Ryan Howard.
Episode: 19 - Stairmageddon
Released: 11 April 2013
Description: The elevator goes out at the office, forcing everyone to use the stairs. Dwight forces Stanley to make a sales call. Pam and Jim talk to Nellie and Toby about relationship problems. Angela supports her man.
Episode: 2 - Roy's Wedding
Released: 27 September 2012
Description: A toast at Roy's wedding leads to Pam and Jim searching their relationships for buried secrets. Dwight reacts to Nellie's mandatory charity initiative.
Episode: 20 - Paper Airplane
Released: 25 April 2013
Description: Dwight and Angela participate in a paper airplane contest and compete against each other. Meanwhile, Andy prepares for a potential acting job, and Jim and Pam utilize new skills.
Episode: 21 - Livin' the Dream
Released: 02 May 2013
Description: Andy attempts to get enough strength to quit his job and pursue his dream as an actor. Dwight finally receives his black belt in karate from his new sensei. Jim returns to Scranton and spends time with Pam.
Episode: 22 - A.A.R.M.
Released: 09 May 2013
Description: Jim convinces Dwight that he needs to choose someone to act as an Assistant to the Assistant Regional Manager; the two subsequently hold tryouts for the position. After her daycare turns away her child, Angela is forced to bring her kid to work. Andy auditions for "The Next Great A Cappella Sensation".
Episode: 3 - Andy's Ancestry
Released: 04 October 2012
Description: Andy flaunts his genealogy when he discovers he's related to Michelle Obama. Meanwhile, Darryl struggles in his new post, Dwight teaches Erin a new language to wow her boyfriend's family, and Nellie tries to persuade Pam that Jim's having an affair.
Episode: 4 - Work Bus
Released: 18 October 2012
Description: The staffers hit the road in a rented bus when the building is deemed unsafe. Meanwhile, Nellie reaches out to Andy for help in adopting a baby, and Jim uses pie to spread cheer to Pam.
Episode: 5 - Here Comes Treble
Released: 25 October 2012
Description: It's Halloween in the office and Andy invites his college a cappella group to perform, which leads to a confrontation with his frenemy Broccoli Rob. Meanwhile, Dwight finds evidence that a madman is loose in the office and tries to track him down, and the first meeting of Jim's new job causes a fight with Pam.
Episode: 6 - The Boat
Released: 08 November 2012
Description: Money problems plague Andy's family. Meanwhile, Dwight guests on a local radio show, so the staffers harass him with outrageous phone calls, and Kevin unearths a big secret about Oscar.
Episode: 7 - The Whale
Released: 15 November 2012
Description: The women of the office try to teach Dwight how to interact with female clients. Angela suspects the senator of cheating. Toby convinces some of the guys to grow mustaches.
Episode: 8 - The Target
Released: 29 November 2012
Description: Angela goes to Dwight for help when she learns that her husband is having an affair. Stanley and Phyllis take advantage of Jim when he needs a favor, and Pete distracts Pam as she begins painting her mural.
Episode: 9 - Dwight Christmas
Released: 06 December 2012
Description: When the party planning committee drops the ball on the annual Christmas party, Dwight gets everyone to celebrate with a traditional Schrute German Christmas. Darryl fears that Jim has forgotten to include him in the new job in Philadelphia. Pete teaches Erin about his favorite movie, Die Hard.