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American Chopper profiles the lives of New York natives Paul Teutul Sr. and son Paul Jr. of Orange County Choppers (OCC), creators of the world's most outrageous custom motorcycles. Follow the day-to-day drama of this volatile father and son team as they battle impossible deadlines and each other to push the envelope of motorcycle design and fabrication.


About American Chopper

American Chopper profiles the lives of New York natives Paul Teutul Sr. and son Paul Jr. of Orange County Choppers (OCC), creators of the world's most outrageous custom motorcycles. Follow the day-to-day drama of this volatile father and son team as they battle impossible deadlines and each other to push the envelope of motorcycle design and fabrication.

TV Show Information

Year of Release: 2003
Country: us
Last Updated: Sunday 17 March, 2019
Minutes per Episode: 60
Genre: reality
Rating: 6,6/10
Season(s): 5
Network: Discovery
TV Show Status: returning series
Releasing Episodes: Thursday on 22:00
Likes: 124

Episode Overview

Season: 3
Episode: 22 - Make-A-Wish Bike
Released: 20 December 2005
Description: The holiday season is upon OCC again, and instead of a Christmas-themed dream machine, the guys decide to build a bike honoring one of their favorite charities: The Make-a-Wish Foundation. There are presents galore as Paul Sr., Paul Jr., and Mikey invade FAO Schwartz in search of the perfect gift for each Make-a-Wish kid. Even Nub gets in on the fun when he has kids fingerpaint the bike's fenders and oil and gas tanks.
Episode: 29 - Never Before Seen Special
Released: 14 March 2006
Description: Mikey and Vinnie host a series of their favorite clips that never quite made the show.
Episode: 33 - Sunoco Bike 1
Released: 20 June 2006
Description: OCC teams up with Sunoco and NASCAR driver Kyle Petty to build a bike that will benefit the Victory Junction Gang Camp. The guys head down to North Carolina to meet Kyle Petty and to tour the camp. While there, they get the opportunity to hang out and spend time with some of the kids. After that, the Teutuls head to Lowe's Speedway where they take turns going around the track. Once back in the shop, they continue working on this latest chopper.
Episode: 34 - Sunoco Bike 2
Released: 20 June 2006
Description: OCC continues working on their latest build, a bike for Sunoco that will be auctioned off to benefit the Victory Junction Gang Camp. When the bike is sent to paint and powdercoat, the guys head back to Lowe's Speedway and take turns going around the track.
Episode: 35 - Bill Murray Bike 1
Released: 08 August 2006
Description: Actor Bill Murray asks the OCC crew to build him a chopper inspired by his "Caddyshack" character, Carl.
Episode: 36 - Bill Murray Bike 2
Released: 15 August 2006
Description: Actor Bill Murray asks the OCC crew to build him a chopper inspired by his "Caddyshack" character, Carl.
Episode: 38 - OCC Production Bike
Released: 29 August 2006
Description: The OCC crew decide to mass produce a bike for the public.
Episode: 39 - LUGZ Bike 1
Released: 07 November 2006
Description: The Teutuls begin work on their next project, for the Lugz footwear company; OCC bids farewell to a valued employee.
Season: 4
Episode: 1 - Junior Vs. Senior 1
Released: 19 January 2007
Description: When Orange County Chopper breaks ground on their new shop, Paul Sr. challenges Paul Jr. to a design contest.
Episode: 10 - Peavey Bike 1
Released: 13 April 2007
Description: OCC amps it up as they start on their latest custom creation--a guitar-themed chopper for Peavey Electronics. But when Senior brings in a second build, for the Go Fast Energy Drink company, the work piles up and the company's resources are spread thin.
Episode: 11 - Peavey Bike 2
Released: 20 April 2007
Description: OCC continues on their custom chopper for Peavey Electronics. The double build winds down as the guys travel to Las Vegas to unveil the Go Fast bike, and then on to Anaheim for the Peavey reveal.
Episode: 12 - Australia 1
Released: 01 June 2007
Description: It's another OCC family vacation as the Teutuls go walkabout in the 'land down under' where Russell Crowe asks the guys to build an Australia-themed chopper.
Episode: 13 - Australia 2
Released: 08 June 2007
Description: The Teutuls continue their adventures in the Great South Land. After arriving at Uluru, the guys find themselves immersed in Aboriginal culture.
Episode: 15 - Intel 1
Released: 13 July 2007
Description: The guys start work on a high-tech bike for Intel featuring the latest in motorcycle and computing gadgetry.
Episode: 16 - Intel 2
Released: 20 July 2007
Description: The guys finish off work on a high-tech bike for Intel featuring the latest in motorcycle and computing gadgetry.
Episode: 17 - Byron Nelson 1
Released: 27 July 2007
Description: OCC hits the links for their latest project: three EDS sponsored choppers honoring the career and charitable work of golf legend Byron Nelson.
Episode: 18 - Byron Nelson 2
Released: 03 August 2007
Description: OCC hits the links for their latest project: three EDS sponsored choppers honoring the career and charitable work of golf legend Byron Nelson.
Episode: 19 - Silver State Choppers' Chopper 1
Released: 31 August 2007
Description: OCC hovers over their next project--a sleek, custom creation for Silver State Helicopters. But aspects of the bike's design present new challenges for the crew, and forces Paul Jr. to confront creative obstacles of his own.
Episode: 2 - Junior Vs. Senior 2
Released: 26 January 2007
Description: The design contest between father and son continues, with fans picking the winner. Paul Sr. goes old school while Jr. puts together a new spider-web design.
Episode: 21 - Iowa Farm Bureau Bike 1
Released: 12 October 2007
Description: OCC shucks some corn and plows into their next project, the world's first renewable fuel chopper for the Iowa Farm Bureau. The Teutuls check in on OCC's new world HQ, and NASCAR champ Tony Stewart stops by to check on his bike.
Episode: 22 - Iowa Farm Bureau Bike 2
Released: 19 October 2007
Description: OCC continues on their innovative ethanol-powered bike for the Iowa Farm Bureau. But the mood in the shop quickly turns somber, when a long-time member of the crew calls it quits.
Episode: 3 - Go Daddy 1
Released: 02 February 2007
Description: OCC designs and builds a high-tech chopper for, but Jason and Paul Jr. can't agree on a design, so Senior has to step in.

Episode: 6 - Flowjet Bike 1
Released: 16 February 2007
Description: While Orange County Chopper begins work on a custom bike for the Flow International Corporation, Mikey starts on a secret project of his own.
Episode: 7 - Flowjet Bike 2
Released: 23 February 2007
Description: OCC continues work on the chopper for the Flow International Corporation. Meanwhile, the crew goes to a paintball course to let off a little steam, OCC-style.
Episode: 8 - HP Bike 1
Released: 30 March 2007
Description: OCC boots up their latest custom chopper--a computer-themed creation for the HP Corporation. With the build underway, the OCC crew makes a call to the tattoo artists of Miami Ink to discuss getting some new tattoos.
Episode: 9 - HP Bike 2
Released: 06 April 2007
Description: OCC continues on their computer themed chopper for the HP Corporation. Meanwhile, Ami and Chris from Miami Ink continue their custom body art on Senior and Beth. The guys encounter problems at the bike's reveal and Senior narrowly avoids a mishap.
Season: 5
Episode: 1 - Army National Guard 1
Released: 18 January 2008
Description: OCC locks and loads as they pay tribute to the troops with a custom bike for the Army National Guard. Paul Sr. takes a walk down the aisle with Beth. Using concepts sent in by the troops, Paul Jr. and Jason Pohl get started on the design. Then, after fabrication begins, Cody steps up to fill a void, and Sr. takes him under his wing.
Episode: 10 - Viega
Released: 21 March 2008
Description: OCC pulls out all the stops and takes on a project for the plumbing and heating technology company, Viega Corporation. Manpower issues continue to plague the shop, and company demands push JQ to the limit.
Episode: 11 - BSN Bike
Released: 25 April 2008
Description: The Girls of BSN, a spokesmodel team of the nutritional supplement manufacturer BSN, give the guys a hand as they begin design on a bike for the company.
Episode: 12 - Manitowoc Crane Company Bike
Released: 02 May 2008
Description: OCC builds an industrial-themed bike for the Manitowoc crane group. Also, Mikey gives a lecture to a group of second graders.
Episode: 13 - Production Bike Showcase
Released: 09 May 2008
Description: The motorcycle industry picks OCC for an award, but there are no production bikes available to display in the awards showcase, so the crew scrambles to build some in time for the event.
Episode: 14 - Dryvit Bike
Released: 13 June 2008
Description: OCC moves into their new World Headquarters and takes on their first build in the new shop; a penguin-themed chopper for exterior insulation manufacturer, Drvyit Systems.
Episode: 15 - NY Giants Bike
Released: 20 June 2008
Description: Paul Sr. gets the green light for Paul Jr. to design and build a custom chopper honoring the World Champion NY Giants. As Junior's freeform style inspires the build, OCC prepares for the grand opening of their new World HQ.
Episode: 16 - Darien Lake Bike
Released: 27 June 2008
Description: OCC twists and turns into their next project: the OCC Motocoaster bike for the Darien Lake Theme Park Resort.
Episode: 17 - Sikorsky Bike
Released: 11 July 2008
Description: Senior recruits J.Q. and Jason Pohl to build a tribute bike for the Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. But fabrication hits some turbulence as issues with the backbone and tank have the guys spinning out of control.
Episode: 18 - Mercedes-AMG Bike
Released: 25 July 2008
Description: The Teutuls get inspired by some high-end automotive engineering and build a luxury-performance bike for Mercedes Benz-AMG. Senior taps a local artist to immortalize his kids in ink, and then takes some time to get away, with his best friend Gus.
Episode: 19 - Strike Ten Entertainment
Released: 08 August 2008
Description: The guys head to the lanes for inspiration when OCC decides to create a bowling themed bike for Strike Ten Entertainment. Rick designs a tank in the form of a bowling ball, and Sr. brings Mikey to the farm where he pretends to be a matador.
Episode: 2 - Army National Guard 2
Released: 25 January 2008
Description: The Army National Guard Patriot Bike is completed by the guys at OCC. Jason Pohl is eager for the opportunity to advance in his training. But tension arises with the crew because of Jason's ignorance of the shop protocol. Paul, Sr. pays tribute to the sacrifice given by some injured vets.
Episode: 20 - McCuff Industries
Released: 22 August 2008
Description: A custom bike build begins for McCuff Industries, but a miscalculation on the frame and problems during assembly threaten the process.
Episode: 21 - RJR Memorial Car Show
Released: 12 September 2008
Description: OCC hosts the RJR Memorial Car show. With Sr. leading the way, everyone at the shop contributes: Jr. reaches out to the local fire department for help with a pancake breakfast and Mikey travels to the city to solicit help for an idea uniquely his own.
Episode: 22 - Web Bike Special Edition
Released: 19 September 2008
Description: Paul Teutul and his sons capture the drama and go head to head in the creation of outrageous custom motorcycles.
Episode: 23 - Steve Wyrick & ICEE Bikes
Released: 10 October 2008
Description: OCC takes on the challenge of building two bikes at the same time. First is a custom bike for illusionist Steve Wyrick and the second is for ICEE. Their first trick is to invent an invisible gas tank for Steve's bike. And, the gang go to work for the sweet treat as a means of cooling off.
Episode: 24 - Aaron Equipment Company Bike
Released: 17 October 2008
Description: OCC takes on an industrial themed bike when the tackle the heavy machinery maker, Aaron Equipment Company. When one Teutul doesn't show up at the Aaron, Sr. is left upset. The air is tense as the guys get the gears turning when the design ideas begin for fabrication.
Episode: 25 - Dodge Ram Bike
Released: 24 October 2008
Description: OCC goes heavy duty with a bike for Dodge Ram. Needing help with the design, the guys take a trip to a farm for inspiration from the real thing. Back at the shop, Sr. leads the charge on the build but when Jr. gets involved the two Teutuls butt heads.
Episode: 26 - Schussler Bike
Released: 31 October 2008
Description: Pohl is chosen to scout out OCC's most magical client to date, Schussler Creative. But when the outrageous ideas for the Schussler's bike pushes OCC to the brink, causing the guys to dig in and set the goal of creating the wildest 57 Chevy bike ever.
Episode: 3 - Michigan Bike/My Name is Earl 1
Released: 31 January 2008
Description: Mikey gets in the game and heads up OCC's latest custom creation - a Wolverine bike for the University of Michigan's Mott Children's Hospital.The cast from NBC's "My Name is Earl" bursts onto the scene and gets the OCC team to build a My Name is Earl bike.
Episode: 4 - Michigan Bike/My Name is Earl 2
Released: 08 February 2008
Description: Mikey reveals the University of Michican bike at Michigan-OSU football game Then the guys are off to Hollywood for a reveal party with the cast of NBC's show "My Name is Earl".
Episode: 5 - Gander Mountain 1
Released: 15 February 2008
Description: OCC packs their gear and hikes into their next project -- a custom chopper for Gander Mountain, an outdoor lifestyle company. As design gets under way, Jr. decides to go with an off-road theme. But a disagreement over fabrication ignites into a full-scale blowout that brings the project to a screeching halt. OCC ventures into the great outdoors, and tests their survival skills.
Episode: 6 - Gander Mountain 2
Released: 22 February 2008
Description: OCC continues on their latest custom creation -- a street bike/motocross hybrid for the outdoor lifestyle company Gander Mountain. The Teutuls travel to Brazil to unveil a special bike... and find themselves invited to the presidential palace. Back at the shop, doubts about Pohl's abilities quickly resurface, and his inexperience tests Sr.'s patience. Mikey steps in and challenges the old man to a competition that fosters some father-son bonding.
Episode: 7 - Craftsman/DieHard 1
Released: 29 February 2008
Description: OCC charges up their latest double build: Sr.'s custom creation for Craftsman Tools, and Jr.'s two-wheeled showpiece for DieHard Batteries. The guys travel to South Africa, where they immerse themselves in the local bike culture ... and head to the bush, to make some new friends. But back at the shop, Craftsman drops the hammer and sends Sr. and Pohl back to the drawing board.
Episode: 8 - Craftsman/DieHard 2
Released: 07 March 2008
Description: OCC continues on their latest double build -- custom bikes for Craftsman Tools and DieHard Batteries. After a jam session with rock 'n' roll legend Chubby Checker gets OCC doing the twist, both teams race into assembly and the Sr.-Jr. rivalry heats up. But as Team Craftsman is delayed, Team DieHard pulls ahead and Mikey moves forward with his latest project, recruiting Sr. to lend a hand. Once Mikey's unusual creation passes its test, Sr. and his team must rally to get their Craftsman project done.
Episode: 9 - Klipsch
Released: 14 March 2008
Description: OCC tunes in and cranks it up, as they build a custom bike for Klipsch Audio Technologies. But staffing shortages around the shop have the crew scrambling, forcing Sr. to amp everyone up on a quest to hire new people.
Season: 6
Episode: 1 - NHL Bike/B-2 Bomber Bike
Released: 10 April 2009
Description: The guys of OCC have their work cut out for them with two new projects: a B-2 Bomber bike for Northrop Grumman and one for the NHL. The company's foundation is rocked as Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. go head to head in a no hold's barred argument.
Episode: 10 - Jon & Kate Plus 8 Bike
Released: 12 June 2009
Description: The Teutul's head to the Pennsylvanian home of Jon Gosselin, from the TLC series, Jon & Kate Plus 8, after being commissioned to build a bike for them. They wind up with a first hand look at how the family of 10 live.
Episode: 11 - Abu Dhabi Police Bike
Released: 19 June 2009
Description: OCC lands an important international client as they are hired to build a bike for the Abu Dhabi police department. Seeing a good business opportunity, Sr. travels to the Middle East in an attempt to expand OCC's international reach.
Episode: 14 - OCC Band Bike
Released: 30 October 2009
Description: A truce is made between Paul Sr. and his sons as they make an appearance on "Larry King Live.'' Later, Paul Jr. makes his first solo appearance since leaving OCC by heading to the Midwest.
Episode: 19 - OCC Trike Bike
Released: 11 December 2009
Description: A client commissions OCC to build a chopper trike; Paul Sr. learns that Mikey is in rehab and wonders if there's any hope of salvaging their strained relationship.
Episode: 2 - Woodstock/Ringling and Barnum and Bailey Circus Bikes
Released: 17 April 2009
Description: Times are tough at the OCC shop. Now that Jr. has been fired he's on the hunt for a new project to take up his time. Sr. and the rest of the team clown around at the circus, and build a bike to honor the music festival held at Woodstock.
Episode: 20 - The Jeanette Lee
Released: 18 December 2009
Description: OCC builds a bike for pool champion Jeanette Lee inspired by her ``Black Widow'' nickname; Mikey is back from rehab and ready to make amends; Paul Jr. explores designing a campaign for an Indy racing team.
Episode: 21 - Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation Bike
Released: 08 January 2010
Description: The guys are commissioned to build a ``wheelchair chopper'' for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation; Paul Jr. makes his first visit to OCC in more than four months, but the family divide continues.
Episode: 22 - Schneider Electric Bike
Released: 15 January 2010
Description: Schneider Electric is challenging Orange County Choppers to build a custom motorcycle that will support our company mission of helping people make the most of their energy.
Episode: 23 - Gladiator Garage Works
Released: 22 January 2010
Description: The guys work on a chopper for their newest client, Gladiator Garageworks; Mikey tries to face his fears by performing his comedy routine in front of a live audience; Paul Jr. drops in on "The Adam Carolla Podcast''.
Episode: 24 - Monster Diesel Bike
Released: 29 January 2010
Description: The OCC guys create their first diesel-powered chopper for Monster Diesel; Paul Jr. attends the grand opening of a dog park that he designed for his hometown of Newburgh, N.Y.
Episode: 26 - The Kobalt Bike
Released: 12 February 2010
Description: The guys at OCC are tapped by Kobalt to build them a custom chopper. With a brand new set of tools, Senior and his team get busy designing and building an incredibly unique chopper. Junior gathers the family together and makes a truly life changing announcement.
Episode: 3 - DECA Bike/Colmet Bike
Released: 24 April 2009
Description: Sr. is having some work done on the shop and in return he's building bikes for the contracted companies, DECA and Columet.
Episode: 5 - 10th Anniversary OCC Bike
Released: 08 May 2009
Description: To mark the occasion of OCC's 10th anniversary Sr. designs a bike for the masses. He's written a new book and gets invited to ring the bell at the NYSE, and to appear on some famous late night talk shows in order to promote it.
Episode: 8 - Howe Caverns
Released: 29 May 2009
Description: The crew from OCC take a trip to Howe Caverns to explore the deep underground caves and to face their fears. Paul Jr. works on his own projects outside the shop, while still acting as a consultant at OCC.
Season: 7
Episode: 1 - Welcome Back
Released: 03 March 2018
Description: Ten years after the demise of their rocky partnership, custom motorcycle builders Paul Sr. and his son Paul Jr., are forging ahead with their own shops and separate lives. Senior struggles to meet a deadline, while Junior finds a chance to rebuild a bike
Episode: 2 - Getting The Bike Back Together
Released: 29 May 2018
Description: The OCC crew builds one of their fastest bikes ever but a problem with the supercharger threatens the schedule. Junior races to complete a complicated bike for a client. Father and son find it hard to let go of the past while restoring a bike together.
Episode: 3 - A New Chopter
Released: 05 June 2018
Description: Senior confronts Junior about the harsh words Junior wrote in his book. Senior closes a game-changing deal with an exotic car dealership to sell OCC bikes directly to the public and Junior's simple mistake leads to destruction in the shop.
Episode: 4 - Metal Health
Released: 12 June 2018
Description: The OCC crew is pushed to their limit when they build a pair of contrasting bikes for a client. Junior designs an ethanol-fueled motorcycle and struggles with during assembly. Junior makes a change to the Yankees bike design, and Senior confronts him.
Episode: 6 - Drop the Mikey
Released: 26 June 2018
Description: When the OCC crew builds an old-school chopper for a longtime fan, Senior must rely on Mikey to get the job done. Junior designs an awe-inspiring trike for a repeat client, and father and son come into the home stretch on the Yankee build.
Episode: 7 - Road Warrior
Released: 10 July 2018
Description: Senior takes a risk by starting a Spartan Race-inspired build before meeting the client, then has to change course to accommodate his requests. Junior designs a monster trike, but trouble with fabrication of the wheels may mean missing the unveil.
Episode: 8 - Yanks for the Memories
Released: 17 July 2018
Description: Junior designs a western-inspired motorcycle for country music artist Clay Walker; Senior and the OCC guys build a military-themed bike to be auctioned off to benefit families of fallen soldiers; Senior and Junior assemble the Yankees bike.